1 Piece, 3 Ways: Pant Suit

I spend a lot of my free time rummaging through people’s closets showing them how they can use clothes they already own and wear them in innovative ways to create a wide array of looks. One of the most versatile and STAPLE pieces everyone (women & men) should have in their closets is a tailored pant suit. It can be worn in so many different ways with a little style and imagination.

When I first started my blog I started a 1 Piece, 3 Ways segment and I haven’t done one since! To be honest it is very hard to do 3 different shoots in one day on top of working, blogging and chasing dreams. So for the next three days I will show you 3 different types of ways to wear a pant suit to give you an idea of how you can get the most out of your wardrobe.

1st Look: How to rock the The Pant Suit as is!:

Here I am wearing the suit as it comes. I added just a few accessories to display my personal style.Typically you would wear a pant suit to work or to a job interview. However, because of the tailored fit you can wear this suit in this way to many different places, work, job interview, out to dinner or to a party. All you would need to do is switch out a few of the accessories and the shoes to make it work for your particular event.

What I’m Wearing:

Suit: Banana Republic

Shoes: Steve Madden

Clutch: Vintage

You guys know I can’t finish me look without a pop of color so I added a bold red lip and a turquoise ring.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for look #2! 🙂

Peace Love Fashion,



YUP! Another H&M Collabo: Who is this Marni Character?

H&M is known for their collaborations with high-end designers. The most recent being, Versace, in all of its craziness and fashion glory. Today H&M announced that the next collaboration will be with the luxury brand Marni. Who is this character you ask? Should you be excited you ask?

Well, Marni may not be a household name but this brand is definitely among the top luxury brands in the fashion world. Marni is iconic for their eclectic, artisty and bohemian chic style. The designer behind this steaming power house, Consuelo Castiglioni, started Marni brand in 1994 and has elevated it to what it has become today. You should most certainly be excited about this H&M collaboration if you are a fan of bold prints and modern streamline silhouettes. Certainly luxury at it’s best. The Marni for H&M collection will include both men and women’s wear, topped off with complementing accessories and shoes. The collection hits stores on March 8, 2012. Sneak peek pictures below:

Well I am certainly intrigued and would like to see more!

Are you guys a little bit excited? Or are you on the fence?

For a closer look at the Marni design aesthetic check out their Spring 2012 Ready to Wear line here.

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My Personal Style Journey: A Chic Thanksgiving Day

My family and I always have our thanksgiving day dinner mid day so that we can sleep the first round off and go for round two:-)  This is just a quick post to show you how I stayed chic on this thanksgiving day.

What I am Wearing:

Top: Fluerish

Pants: Harve’ Bernard

Shoes: Charles David

Watch: Movado

Accessories: Local boutiques

I absolutely loved these pants for today because they are nice and roomy enough for me to eat my day away without apparent pudge!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am thankful for having you as readers! I hope you are enjoying your day:)

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Shout out to my photographer for the day, my sister Juaneka. She definitely got some great shots after I annoyed her enough for the day to take pics of my look! lol

Peace Love Fashion,


My Style Tips: When in Doubt

What may seem easy for some may not be as easy for others, and when it comes to fashion this statement certainly holds true. When women ask my opinion on what they should wear when they need a quick, comfortable yet stylish option I always tell them, “when in doubt wear a dress”.

Style Tip #6: When in doubt, Wear a dress

A dress is the most versatile piece a woman can have in her closet. It can go from casual to dressy in the matter of minutes with just a quick switch of accessories, shoes, hair and make up.

Dresses cut out the headache of trying to find  separate pieces to create a full look and they also give you a great canvas to show off your own personal style.

When I am out looking for dresses I put them in two categories.

Category #1 Plain Jane with a sprinkle of Me!

This category represents the type of dress that allows me to have a bit more creative  control of my look. It is a plain dress in a silhouette that embodies my personal style and can easily work in any atmosphere from a day in the park to a morning in church. It allows me to add my favorite type of accessories, shoes and hair to make it my own. Take a look at the example below.

1 Dress, 2 Ways

Category #2 Me all wrapped up in one little Package!

This category represents the type of dress that comes ready-made with everything I need to express my personal style. This dress dictates how it should be styled based on its design. It is the easiest category in my opinion because it comes with low styling maintenance. It is the show piece so sometimes accessories aren’t needed and it can be worn as is and still make a statement. Yet it still allows you options for both dressy or casual looks. Example:

1 dressy dress, 2 ways
The styling possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing a dress. These looks can easily be winterized by adding a warm pair of tights and your favorite coat. So when you feel like you have no idea what to wear just put on a dress and make it your own! 🙂
Peace Love Fashion,

My Personal Style Journey: Obviously Bees LOVE Faux Fur & Red Lips!

This weekend my business partner and I had the opportunity to style a children’s winter shoot. This was our first experience working with children and it was actually not bad at all. We are patient people so ultimately it worked out great. We were on location at this beautiful flower garden. Although there weren’t hardly any flowers in bloom it was still a beautiful back drop for great photos.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Gap

Faux Fur Vest: Dillard’s (2 years old)

Jeans: Forever 21

Pumps: Nine west

Watch: Movado

Bracelet: Dillard’s

I am still totally having a pump moment. I love how they dress up my rather casual look. I’m all about simplicity and ease it’s just what I love, it’s my style:)

The calm before the storm

This time around my bloopers are not really bloopers. The next few pictures are the documentation of a bee attack on yours, truly. I guess it’s something about these red lips or maybe even the faux fur, I don’t know but I do know this little bee wanted to stab is little stinger right into my face!

The calm before the storm

Looks like I've zeroed in on him, BUT...

The attack begins!

Fortunately, I made it out alive! Geeez, it was fairly cold that day and I didn’t expect for bees to be buzzing around :/ But it ended in all smiles:) Thanks for stopping by guys!

Peace Love Fashion,


When Versace for H&M turns into a Rip-Off!!

Some one please CC. this message to H&M, the Versace corporate offices and to Donatella herself! If your follow me on twitter you’d know that I tweeted this comment yesterday “Shout out to all of the designers bringing a little piece of luxury to those that can only admire their art from a far:) #Thankyoukindly”

When I tweeted this I really meant it! It’s hard for some of us who work hard everyday to try to be the best people we can be, make sure to pay our student loans on time (which sucks!), work a full-time job during the day and chase our dreams on lunch breaks, weekends and at night, so that people know “We were here” (thanks Beyonce for those lyrics!) and look fabulous while doing it! So when designers take the time to think about people like us and provide us with a piece of their luxury brands (that we would definitely support if we could) for a reasonable price, thank you’s are in order.

Now why is Versace for H&M a rip off? Well because usually the people who get their hands on these fabulous pieces first aren’t the ever so deserving and appreciative people Donatella is looking to reach. It’s the greedy, most likely fashionably impaired, eBay hoarders looking to make a profit on our piece of affordable luxury heaven that is Versace:(

This happens every time a major designer takes part in this type of collaboration. It makes me sick to my stomach that the once affordable $199 studded leather dress that I LOVE and want on my body is now a huge $579+ on eBay. I mean, seriously people? For fashion feens like me who have some of the worst luck when it comes to getting a piece of these luxe designer dudes, we look to eBay to snag us an item , but this price are just a complete rip-off!

Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t get a profit from their over night camp out sessions, but I am saying they should be realistic about it. I would feel some type of remorse if they would start the bidding off at the retail price and then let buyers bid to the death as THEY drive the price to the heavens. I however, feel no remorse when the eBay supplier starts the bidding off at double the retail price, RIDICULOUS! When bids are placed they are guaranteed to go well over the suggested bidding price, so it’s an automatic lose, lose for us from the start. Like, helllooo guys, the reason the designers have these collaborations in the first place is to reach the market that can’t afford sky-high prices!

I can’t afford this Versace scarf-hem bustier dress that retails $2925.00 at Neiman Marcus Wowza!

I can afford this similar $149 Versace for H&M baby doll dress and maybe even willing to go over 50 bucks or so to snag it. But the exact same dress at $355, ummmm not so much.

I’m sure this is not what Donatella wanted when she whipped up her collection that spews Versace fabulousness. Granted the collection hasn’t officially been released in the US just yet, I still feel some kind of way when I search Versace for H&M on eBay and see THIS!

So is when does Versace for H&M turn into a Rip-Off?……….. When it’s on eBay, hmph     😦

If I don’t get the items I want I will have to resort to eBay, but unless I skip one of my monthly student loan payments, I just simply can’t afford to pay someone double to triple the amount for any of the amazing items from the Versace for H&M line off of eBay.

I just hope that some of the deserving fashionistas out there get some of their fav pieces and rock it as only they can!

What do you guys think about this foolishness?

Leave me comments and send me a tweet on twitter

Peace Love Fashion,


Don’t be SHAMED…. Pronunciation is KEY!

I saw this list online a couple of times before and never got around to sharing it with others, but one of the blogs I follow posted it again so I want to present it to you all. It’s very helpful! I’m not ashamed to say that I have mispronounced a few of these names before. I hope this list helps some of you as it did me. Knowledge is Power and Pronunciation is Key!

Anya Hindmarch : ahn-ya heind-march
Badgley Mischka : badge-lee meesh-ka
Balenciaga : bah-len-see-ah-gah
Balmain : bal-mah
Bottega Veneta : bo-tega ven-e-ta
Bulgari : bull-ga-ree
Burberry Prorsum : bur-bur-ree pror-some
Carolina Herrera : caro-leena hair-era
Chanel : shuh-nel
Christian Lacroix : la-kwa
Christian Louboutin : loo-boo-tahn
Comme des Garçons : comb day gar-son
Dior : dee-or
Dolce & Gabbana : dole-chay gab-bon-a
Emilio Pucci : ee-mee-lee-oh pu-chee
Etienne Aigner : eh-tee-yen on-yay
Givenchy : jsee-vawn-chi or zhee-vahn-shee
Gucci : goo-chee
Hermès : err-mez
Hervé Léger : air-vay lay-jay
James Perse : like “purse”
Jean Paul Gaultier : zhan paul go-tee-ay
Lambertson Truex : lam-bert-son tru-ex
Lanvin : lon-vahn
Louis Vuitton : loo-wee vwe-tahn
Madame Gres : mah-dam gray
Marchesa : mar-kay-sa
Moschino : mo-ski-no
Monique Lhuillier : mo-neek loo-lee-ay
Nicolas Ghesquière : ni-co-la guess-ki-air
Prada : prah-da
Pierre Cardin : pee-air car-dain
Proenza Schouler : pro-enza skool-er
Rodarte : row-dar-tay
Sonia Rykiel : saun-ya ree-kee-eel
Thakoon : ta-koon
Thierry Mugler: tee-air-ree moog-lay
Tibi : tbi
Ungaro : oon-ga-ro
Versace : ver-sah-chee
Yves Saint Laurent : eve san-lor-ron
Zac Posen : poe-zen

Peace Love Fashion,