My Personal Style Journey: Chanel’s Distant Cousin

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s Monday so I’m sure everyone is trying to get into the groove of the week. I just wanted to come and show you guys this great cardigan I found while thrifting. I love it because it is very Chanel-esc, sort of like a distant cousin ūüôā I’m sure one day I will be able to¬†adorn¬†my body in the luxury that is Chanel, but until then this fab cardi will do:)

I kept the styling of this look very minimal because I wanted the sweater to be the staple piece. So I opted for a black pair of semi-flare trousers, a basic black blouse, classic black pumps and a pinch of contrast color with a red lip.

What I’m Wearing:

Cardigan: Thrifted

Blouse: Target

Trousers: Hot Kiss (Dillard’s)

Pumps: Nine West

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Peace Love Fashion,



Levi’s Curve ID: Mirror Mirror Studio

Yesterday I attended the Levi’s Curve ID Mirror Mirror¬†Studio at Florida State University and can I just say that it was a great event. Levi’s went full-out with the production of this experience providing customized¬†fittings, hair and makeup, a DJ, a chance for the University¬†to win a $10,000 grant reward for either academics, arts or athletics and tons more. So come with me as I take you through the full Levi’s Curve ID Mirror Mirror Studio.

The Experience started with a personalized fitting provided by the Levi’s fit experts. The fit experts took measurements of the ladies and filled out curve ID card with¬†their size and Curve ID fit. Size ranged from 24 to 34 waist, 30-34 length¬†and either a Slight, Demi, Bold or Supreme curve fit.

Next the girls went over to hair and make up and received¬†a quick complimentary make over to get them ready for their photo-op in their Levi’s Curve ID jeans.

These hairstyles were super cute!:)

Following hair and make up came the fun part where the girls got the opportunity to try on their jeans in either a skinny or boot cut style.

Once they picked the style that flattered their body type¬†the most they headed over to the photo station to take their official Levis Curve ID photo to take home documenting their Levi’s Curve ID Experience, and as you can see they fit the guys well too, he looked great! ūüôā

From there they went over to the iPad station to get their pictures emailed directly to them, as well as an option to also purchase their jeans online using a 30% off discount code.

And of course Levi’s wouldn’t have the ladies leaving empty-handed, so on their way out they voted for the department they wanted the grant to be awarded to and picked up a complimentary gold nail polish and a treat from the candy bar.

I will say that Levi’s did a great¬†job providing a complete experience¬†for the participating¬†ladies and¬†gents. It was certainly a¬†timely process for the students, that were most likely on their way to class, but with the large tent, great set up, fun music, cool freebies and of course great fitting jeans,¬†each individual¬†stop through the Levi’s Curve ID Mirror Mirror¬†Studio left¬†the students¬†wanting more, which was certainly a plus. Levi’s managed to captured the attention¬†of busy college students and had a total of over 500 fittings! I was told that that¬†number not only beat out our competitors and rival University of Florida for the $10,000 grand prize, but was also the most fittings done on the entire college tour. Shout out to my Seminoles, when we do it we always do it BIG! Go NOLES! ūüôā

I also got the chance to go through the entire Levi’s Mirror Mirror¬†Studio and my Curve ID is the Bold cut, (Yes Bold cut I look¬†tiny but I have some curves ya’ll lol) :),¬†and they fit great! Ladies I would definitely recommend you go out and try on these jeans. Levi’s did a great job designing the Curve ID jeans for the women of today! They fit great, come in a variety of different colors and styles and are reasonably priced! I heard great reviews from a range of different ladies, they really fell in love with these jeans! So go get you some, I’m sure you will find a pair that compliments your curves.

Big Thank you to Mary of Grow Marketing and Danielle of Agency 25 for inviting me out to this great event!

Levi’s, I think you guys have got something here:) Rock What You Got Ladies!

Peace Love Fashion,


Levi’s Mirror Mirror Studio is on its way to my Alma Mater!!

Levi’s has been on a national campaign introducing their new Curve ID jeans across the world and they are making a stop at my¬†Alma¬†mater, The Florida State University, this week to fit all of my lady Seminoles! Levi’s has answered the call of the women around the world who were yearning for a better fitting jean. At the Levi’s Mirror Mirror Studio all of the ladies will have an opportunity to have a custom fitting along with complimentary hair and makeup styling. The event is also a contest between us and our¬†revival school,¬†UF, to¬†receive¬†a $10,000 grant. The school that has the most people to come out and be fitted will¬†receive¬†the $10,000 grant reward to benefit their campus. So I’m calling all of my Nole girls in Tallahassee to go out to the Union Green on October 25, 2011 from 10am-6pm and help win this amazing prize for our beloved Florida State University. I’ve been personally invited out to the Levi’s Mirror Mirror Studio to get my custom fitting and to give you guys a full report on what seems to be an amazing event! So FSU I’m on my way back! I hope to see all of my lady noles there:)

Peace Love Fashion,


Versace for H&M?….Yes, Please!

Today the full collection for Versace for H&M was released and can I just say…..WOW! It comes complete with everything Versace is known for, bold prints, color and lots of attitude. ¬†There are options for both men and women, including accessories, shoes and handbags. Check out a few of my favorite pieces:

I would love to get my hand on a piece of this collection but I won’t get my hopes up just yet,¬†because I’m sure it will be a fight to the death just to cop a feel of the fabric lol. The collection will go on sale on November 19, 2011 here in the US. So ladies and gents you only have a little time to train for what will be one of the craziest shopping events ever!

See the full collection here

Peace Love Fashion,


CHICFancy Obsessions Fufilled: Faux Fur

And here it is! I’ve had this for a few weeks now I just kept forgetting to take pictures of it to show you guys. I was shocked when I found this because I wasn’t sure I was going to find a faux fur that I liked here in Florida. I love the cognac color and the teddy bear texture not to mention that it is nice and warm and cozy. I got it at a local thrifty store and I strolled around my house in it as long as my pores could take the heat lol. Check it out!

I can’t wait to wear it when it gets cold. I’ll be sure to show you guys how I will rock my faux fur this season.

Peace Love Fashion,


And I Love It!: The Minimalist Chic Takeover

I have always been drawn to very clean, structured,¬†precise lines, shapes and colors. As I continue to grow and learn more about myself I’ve realized that this particular preference has been¬† a hidden obsession of mine and it translates through every inch of me. And when I mean every inch of me I truly mean EVERY inch of me. From my favorite type of music down to the way I prefer to wear my hair. So naturally, the Minimalist trend brings joy to my heart.

The Minimalist trend has been lurking around for a while now but I think that people are finally starting to embrace it and yes I’m obsessed! I love it! It embodies my hidden obsession of clean, structured, precise lines, shapes and colors. I secretly think that it is the future of style and clothing all together. With the continuing down turn of the economy it is only a matter of time before we all will have to cut back on tons of things and simplify our lives (if we haven’t already). And that is the key to the minimalist trend, wearing¬†clean, simple,¬†effortless pieces. Below is a little montage of inspiration images for this simply chic trend.

This trend is great because¬†it doesn’t eliminate color or pattern, it merely simplifies it. What do you all think? Is this a look that you can see being the future of¬†fashion and style?¬†Let me know what you think?

Peace Love Fashion,


And I Love It!: The Trendy Trend that’s Not So Trendy

Trends can get rather extreme at times, but what makes me the happiest is when the current trends really aren’t “trends”. What I mean is that some trends for the season can merely be a closet staple that has come out for a little time in the lime light. We tend to get so overwhelmed with the newest fashions that we don’t realize that whats currently “in style” is just a reminder of what we’ve been accustomed to all along.¬† And the trendy trend that’s not so trendy this season:

The Trench Coat

The trench coat has been around for ages.¬†Depending on which you believe to be true, the trench was¬†either developed in¬†the 1850’s by ¬†Aquascutum¬†, in 1901 by Thomas Burberry or between 1914-¬†1918 by Thresher & Glenny. The point is, it’s been around for a long time:) Needless to say it has recently emerged as one of the most fashionable items to have this season. To some it may be the new hot item, but for others it is simply a staple that is tucked away in their closets for times such as these.

If you don’t currently own a trench coat but you are looking for the perfect one, remember that the classic styles are the gems. Stay away from the trendy embellishments that some places may try an offer you and look for one that can take you from season to season flawlessly, such as the one in the picture above.

Peace Love Fashion,