When Versace for H&M turns into a Rip-Off!!

Some one please CC. this message to H&M, the Versace corporate offices and to Donatella herself! If your follow me on twitter you’d know that I tweeted this comment yesterday “Shout out to all of the designers bringing a little piece of luxury to those that can only admire their art from a far:) #Thankyoukindly”

When I tweeted this I really meant it! It’s hard for some of us who work hard everyday to try to be the best people we can be, make sure to pay our student loans on time (which sucks!), work a full-time job during the day and chase our dreams on lunch breaks, weekends and at night, so that people know “We were here” (thanks Beyonce for those lyrics!) and look fabulous while doing it! So when designers take the time to think about people like us and provide us with a piece of their luxury brands (that we would definitely support if we could) for a reasonable price, thank you’s are in order.

Now why is Versace for H&M a rip off? Well because usually the people who get their hands on these fabulous pieces first aren’t the ever so deserving and appreciative people Donatella is looking to reach. It’s the greedy, most likely fashionably impaired, eBay hoarders looking to make a profit on our piece of affordable luxury heaven that is Versace:(

This happens every time a major designer takes part in this type of collaboration. It makes me sick to my stomach that the once affordable $199 studded leather dress that I LOVE and want on my body is now a huge $579+ on eBay. I mean, seriously people? For fashion feens like me who have some of the worst luck when it comes to getting a piece of these luxe designer dudes, we look to eBay to snag us an item , but this price are just a complete rip-off!

Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t get a profit from their over night camp out sessions, but I am saying they should be realistic about it. I would feel some type of remorse if they would start the bidding off at the retail price and then let buyers bid to the death as THEY drive the price to the heavens. I however, feel no remorse when the eBay supplier starts the bidding off at double the retail price, RIDICULOUS! When bids are placed they are guaranteed to go well over the suggested bidding price, so it’s an automatic lose, lose for us from the start. Like, helllooo guys, the reason the designers have these collaborations in the first place is to reach the market that can’t afford sky-high prices!

I can’t afford this Versace scarf-hem bustier dress that retails $2925.00 at Neiman Marcus Wowza!

I can afford this similar $149 Versace for H&M baby doll dress and maybe even willing to go over 50 bucks or so to snag it. But the exact same dress at $355, ummmm not so much.

I’m sure this is not what Donatella wanted when she whipped up her collection that spews Versace fabulousness. Granted the collection hasn’t officially been released in the US just yet, I still feel some kind of way when I search Versace for H&M on eBay and see THIS!

So is when does Versace for H&M turn into a Rip-Off?……….. When it’s on eBay, hmph     😦

If I don’t get the items I want I will have to resort to eBay, but unless I skip one of my monthly student loan payments, I just simply can’t afford to pay someone double to triple the amount for any of the amazing items from the Versace for H&M line off of eBay.

I just hope that some of the deserving fashionistas out there get some of their fav pieces and rock it as only they can!

What do you guys think about this foolishness?

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Peace Love Fashion,



10 thoughts on “When Versace for H&M turns into a Rip-Off!!

  1. OMG I agree with you so much it isn’t even funny. I have always had the same experience with “ebay hoarders” I HATE them!! When the Missoni for Target collection came out I was so excited I got up and went to the store right when it opened- 3 women- yes 3, cleared the racks of EVERYTHING! All I wanted was this one cardigan and this woman took EIGHT of them. I politely told her I had driven an hour only for that cardigan and she sneered at me and said “my ebay name is xxx- bid on it”. I was so LIVID I wrote a letter to Target letting them know that thousands of Americans were profiting off THEM and they need to set some buying limits! Such a shame. I hate hate HATE people like that. Greedy, gross, deplorable!!

    • I’m so sorry that happen to you! Ugh! The good thing about H&M is that they set a limit on how much you can buy but I’m sure the eBay hoarders have a plan to get around that:(

  2. I usually have this problem with event tickets, but I see how there can be fashion scalpers too.

    As much as I don’t agree that there was anything altruistic about Versace’s rainbow vomit and key patterned black items line for H&M, it’s definitely out of order for other parasites to come along and take advantage of the herd.

  3. Soooo true, there is no H&M here in Miami so I already know this collection is not happening for me. Just like I missed out on the Target Missioni and refused to pay the ebay prices for the pieces I liked. I don’t like the Versace entire collection but there are a few pieces I wouldn’t mind having, they need to regulate the buying limits on these special collections!

  4. I’m TOTALLY with you!! I’m not willing to camp overnight, stand in line for hours, race to grab things I want, possibly get in a fight (or shot…that DID happen remember?) all for some cute clothes…This is what I do…find some of my crazy friends who took the day off to shop the event, tell them what I want, have them buy it for me & take them out to lunch as a thank you….done & done 🙂

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