My Personal Style Journey: High Glitter

Of course you all know yesterday was my 2akhdajyuhjf birthday and since it fell on a Monday I made sure to celebrate the weekend before. Yesterday I spent my time recovering from what was a very fun and interesting night with the girls. Before I stepped out for the night I took a few quick shots of my look.

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that a week or so before my birthday I posted a sneak peek of my alleged birthday dress. I always have an idea of what I’d like to wear weeks in advance and usually stick with it. However, a few days before my festivities I saw a picture of Jessica White looking GORGEOUS in a blue dress with a super sexy high split and at that moment I started rethinking my look all together. So I went on a mad hunt for something inspired by her look. The color wasn’t a must have, I was more interested in the split action! So after a few stores and a bit of thrifting this is what I came up with:

I’m not even going to tell you how much I spent on this dress, because you may fall right out of your seat and envy me forever lol. Let’s just say it was a GREAT buy. Just goes to show what a little imagination and inspiration can take you.

Now, in these pictures my belt is a little higher on my waist than I had actually worn it, but pre-birthday fun happened before my quick snap shots so blame it on the cocktails. The thing I loved most about this dress is or course the split, but the high glitter was absolutely EVERYTHING! I love to shine bright as I celebrate the blessing of another year of life! I finished off the look with pumps (of course) and silver accents, I love the contrast of silver and gold.

Here’s is the look that inspired it all:

So tell me what you think! Do you love it?

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Come Get a Peek, It’s My Birthday!

Happy Monday everyone!:) January 30th is a very special day because it marks the very day I entered the world in all of my fabulous glory! It’s my birthday guys and I had a ball celebrating this past weekend. Of course I got all dolled up and hit the town with my friends and partied the night away. The night was absolutely perfect and I had a blast!

I made sure to take a few shots of my look to share with you all, so be on the look out for that post coming soon! Until then here’s a quick peek of my look via Instagram.

As you can see I made sure to glitter and sparkle the night away 😉 If you don’t already follow me on Instagram @OCFH. Have a great day guys! And stay tuned for the full look!

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OCFH Featured!

Happy Monday everyone! First let me say, I apologize for the lack of outfit posts. Not only am I in the midst of finalizing plans for my relocation, but I am also getting ready to spend time in New York for fashion week so I am crazy busy! Anywho, 2012 has been amazing thus far and I have been presented with awesome opportunities. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Neil Alvin of   and was asked to be interviewed and featured as one of the “black girls killing it”.

What an honor! BGKI is becoming one of the most influential online blogs showcasing the style and beauty of women of color. I am blessed to have received the opportunity to be showcased and represent for the beautiful women of color out there.

Please go and support your girl and check out my feature and see what I had to say about my personal style. While you’re there take a look at all of the amazingly beautiful and stylish women that are out there killing it! Special thanks to Neil, you are AMAZING!:)

Check me OUT!:)

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And I Love It!: A.L.C. Pre-Fall 2012

In my world the sophistication movement is totally real.  I have been truly inspired by simply being stylish with classic pieces that can take you from season to season. Andrea Lieberman has put her magical touch on the basic pieces that make women like me feel pretty, sophisticated and chic.

Your amazing clothes aren’t the only thing that impress me. I love that she pair each look with a classic pair of pumps. You guys know how much I love me a classic pair of pumps! Do you guys love it? I know I do! Bravo!

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ChicFancy Inspirations: It’s the Sophisticate Movement

I can’t express how much I love things that are elegant, sophisticated and timeless. If you live every aspect of your  life just by those few words you are sure to turn heads, change minds and be GREAT! The February 2012 issue of Elle Vietnam serves a spread that is certainly living up to these standards.

Jay Shin is certainly giving me all I need to want every single item on her body in my closet. I have really been admiring and swooning over the neutral palettes lately. As much as I love color I would be willing to give it up to strut down the street in fresh stand out neutrals. You can easily say that after a while it can start to bore, but adding in some texture and pattern will certainly keep it interesting and chic.

Do you love it?

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Chic Fancy Inspirations: It’s In The Details

Things that inspire can come from various different places, a piece of art work, decor, landscape, fashion or even life experiences. This year I wanted to start a new installation on OCFH and provide a variation of things that inspire me. It can sometimes be hard to explain your personal taste or style, and I’ve found that by simply creating a tangible way to display inspiration can be one of the key ways to getting to know who you are. The current slide shows is a few pieces of art I’ve seen browsing away on my free time.

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These particular works of art caught my eye because of the bold placement of color on seemingly neutral palettes. When you look at each piece it seems as if the bold color is the star of the work, loud, vibrant and undeniable. However, the real star is the intricacy of the neutral palette and/or design that you notice when taking a deeper look into the piece.

Wow! I want to certainly make sure that I pay closer attention to detail, in every aspect of life. It is all about the details at the end of day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace Love Fashion,