The CHICcap: David Yurman Fall Preview

Last week I was invited to attend the David Yurman fall preview for the new Labyrinth Collection at Neiman Marcus and I’m still trying to get the stars out of my eyes. To have the pleasure of viewing such an eye catching collection up close and personal was just simply amazing.

There are two things I love most about this collection. #1 I enjoy that the collection came to life as a sophisticated meshing of ideas from each of the immediate Yurman family members. #2 is the way the classic design still gives off a very luxurious feel. If you are going to spend a significant amount on any item it should be something that can last for seasons upon seasons. I would certainly recommend investing in a nice piece of David Yurman jewelry. You simply cant go wrong.

Before you get into some of the pieces from the collection, feast your eye on this gorgeous piece of “Get on my neck and stay there!” beauty. It totally embodies everything that I love, classic design and the light turquoise color I have a major obsession for.

Labyrinth Collection Statement:
Since ancient times, the labyrinth has been a powerful motif, imbued with mystery and magic. Great thinkers have meandered its curving paths in quiet meditation. Sybil Yurman embraced this age-old practice when she entered a labyrinth to walk each evening during a recent retreat. As she passed through the maze, its endless turns evoked other archetypical designs: the knot, which has been utilized in her son Evan’s designs; and the cable, the most important shape in the David Yurman tradition. These iconic forms come together in the new Labyrinth collection, imbuing modern design with talismanic energy. “The Labyrinth collection was really a collaboration between David, me and Evan,” says Sybil Yurman.

Papyrus Collection Statement :
The graceful designs in David Yurman’s Papyrus Collection are rendered in 18K gold and sterling silver cable and polished strands. Egyptian papyrus, symbolic of Spring and renewed life, inspired this unique collection. The delicate, lacy reeds of this ancient plant, stirred by the breeze in the filtering sunlight, offer seemingly endless patterns from which this beautiful collection was created.

May I offer you a napkin? I am sure a multitude of drool may have over taken your mouth area, but you have to make room for the ultimate piece of fabulous brought to you by David Yurman and family.

The biggest trend for this fall featured in the styling of the David Yurman brand is none other than our beloved arm party. But let me just tell there is no arm party like a David Yurman arm party, because a David Yurman arm party don’t stop! Drool away people!

I had a great time mingling with the lovely ladies at Neimans and I can’t wait to do it again. I know you don’t want the fun to end so I hope you enjoy the additional shots I snapped while in the company of great people and impeccable design. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces you see here, make your way to Neiman Marcus as the Labyrinth Collection is exclusive to Neiman Marcus

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Peace Love Style,



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