All White and a Little Bit of Leather

It is officially cold enough for me to rock a little bit of leather and I am so excited! Now, although it is time for leather accents and darker colors I am still slightly holding on to a little bit of sunshine and rocking my leather piece with an all white look.

Oh and excuse the in home decor, it was to cold to be snapping pictures outside ūüôā

What I am Wearing:

Blazer: Ebay

Shirt: Forever 21 (old)

Pants: The Loft

Shoes: Nine West

I am currently having a major love affair with wide leg oversize pants. I would just like to warn everyone that you will be seeing them on my body a lot.

What are you lusting for this season?

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The CHICcap: W Thinks Pink- Cure on the Catwalk

Oh…..hey there!

It’s been a month, I know and for that I apologize. I’ve been working on something great for you guys and I know you will be as excited as I am about it when I do my grand reveal ūüôā As my blogging has been quite low, my social life has been actually quite high. I’ve been attending so many events in Atlanta, it has actually been overwhelming, but fun!

Recently I was granted amazing opportunity to be a style guide for the annual Cure the Catwalk fashion show hosted by the W Buckhead. Cure the Catwalk was created by the Pink Heals Foundation that helps cancer survivors get back in their heals and back to a fabulous life after conquering cancer. I had the pleasure of working with India who was just a joy to work with. She had never met me before and she allowed me to take full control of her look and I think that after trying on a couple of different looks we ended up with something quite chic. All of the pieces India modeled were provided by Fab’rik.

I wanted to make sure that India had a glam look would pop on the runway but could also be worn to a night out on the town, you know a little double inspiration ūüôā We both fell in love with this great pleated maxi dress that had a chic peek a boo sheer bottom. To add some sparkle and texture we layered the maxi with a bold sequin jacket and finished the look with a pop of color with a beautiful emerald green necklace, classic Dominique ūüėČ LOVED this look on India! She looked amazing!

I had such an amazing time, met great people and got dolled up for a cause. Be sure to head over to the Pink Heals Foundation and learn more about how they are encouraging fabulous lives for all of the beautiful survivors out there!

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The CHICcap: David Yurman Fall Preview

Last week I was invited to attend the David Yurman fall preview for the new Labyrinth Collection¬†at Neiman Marcus¬†and I’m still trying to get the stars out of my eyes. To have the pleasure of viewing such an eye catching collection up close and personal was just simply amazing.

There are two things I love most about this collection. #1 I enjoy that the collection came to life as a sophisticated meshing of ideas from each of the immediate Yurman family members. #2 is the way the classic design still gives off a very luxurious feel. If you are going to spend a significant amount on any item it should be something that can last for seasons upon seasons. I would certainly recommend investing in a nice piece of David Yurman jewelry. You simply cant go wrong.

Before you get into some of the pieces from the collection, feast your eye on this gorgeous piece of “Get on my neck and stay there!” beauty. It totally embodies everything that I love, classic design and the light turquoise color I have a major obsession for.

Labyrinth Collection Statement:
Since ancient times, the labyrinth has been a powerful motif, imbued with mystery and magic. Great thinkers have meandered its curving paths in quiet meditation. Sybil Yurman embraced this age-old practice when she entered a labyrinth to walk each evening during a recent retreat. As she passed through the maze, its endless turns evoked other archetypical designs: the knot, which has been utilized in her son Evan‚Äôs designs; and the cable, the most important shape in the David Yurman tradition. These iconic forms come together in the new Labyrinth collection, imbuing modern design with talismanic energy. ‚ÄúThe Labyrinth collection was really a collaboration between David, me and Evan,‚ÄĚ says Sybil Yurman.

Papyrus Collection Statement :
The graceful designs in David Yurman’s Papyrus Collection are rendered in 18K gold and sterling silver cable and polished strands. Egyptian papyrus, symbolic of Spring and renewed life, inspired this unique collection. The delicate, lacy reeds of this ancient plant, stirred by the breeze in the filtering sunlight, offer seemingly endless patterns from which this beautiful collection was created.

May I offer you a napkin? I am sure a multitude of drool may have over taken your mouth area, but you have to make room for the ultimate piece of fabulous brought to you by David Yurman and family.

The biggest trend for this fall featured in the styling of the David Yurman brand is none other than our beloved arm party. But let me just tell there is no arm party like a David Yurman arm party, because a David Yurman arm party don’t stop! Drool away people!

I had a great time mingling with the lovely ladies at Neimans and I can’t wait to do it again. I know you¬†don’t¬†want the fun to end so I hope you enjoy the¬†additional¬†shots I snapped while in the company of great people and impeccable design. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces you see here, make your way to Neiman Marcus as the¬†Labyrinth Collection is exclusive to Neiman Marcus

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Wrapped Jolie Leg

Well hello there! Yes, I am still around and blogging. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. So many changes all at once, it has been an emotional¬†roller coaster¬†to say the least. But I’m back and ready for some action! Hence my bold split detail.

A wrap dress should be a staple piece in¬†everyone’s¬†closets. They suck you in and shape you up and create a dreamy¬†silhouette. This particular wrap dress adds an extra piece of “hey now” to my over all look. You guys know how much I love to take a classic piece, keep it simple and add just a slight bit of edge. To vamp up this look I took this great shell necklace I found on one of my treasure hunts and added a modern punch with a pair of neon pumps.

What I’m wearing:

Dress: old

Necklace: vintage find


Funny thing about this dress is that it has been chillin in my closet for years but somehow worked its way into an ultra chic look. Have you ever found an old piece that worked in present time just as much as it did back in the day? Angelina ain’t got nothing on me! ūüôā Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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My Style Tips: Be a Chic Beach

I have had a rough few weeks, hints the lack of posts. This whole moving to another city to conquer the world and live my dreams thing has been a lot harder than I thought it would be:/ ¬†However chicettes, this too shall pass. In the midst of all the sulking and home-sickness I’ve experienced I realized I have never missed the beach so much in my life! I grew up near the beach and I always tell people how over the beach I’ve become, but I would give the left pair of my favorite gladiator flats to feel a wave crash against my skin, buuut not the left pair of these super chic flats in the look below:

Chic Beach Bum

If I ever make it to the beach before the end of the summer I want to do it in style. I love bikinis, but this year has been a year that I have wanted to try new silhouettes and designs and this bold print one piece will certainly do the trick. Paired with a great summer hat, beach bag and pair of light cover ups this look can go from fab to lous ¬†all in one shot. And¬†don’t¬†even get me started with these super chic pair of gladiators that finish the look perfectly. Bottom line, I want to go to the beach and I want to be super cute when I do it.

If you too are on the way to the beach this summer or you’ve been and want to present a new look, try switching out the bikinis for a chic one piece and make it your own by adding a few pieces that pop ūüôā

Peace Love Style,


“How’d you put that together?!”: Elizabeth

I’ve always said that I think one of the hardest styles to pull off is simple and classic. In a world where fashion can get pretty complicated, it is very refreshing to find someone who takes simple to a place that keeps it interesting. I ran into¬†Elizabeth’s¬†blog on where else other than twitter, I love that site! I fell in love with A Keene Sense of Style¬†because it captures the way simple and chic should be displayed with classic lines and modern tweaks. It also helps that Elizabeth is such a doll! She wears her style effortlessly and it fits her so well!

Check out how she turned this look out and put it all together:


1. How did you put your look together?

I put this look together by starting with the key piece, this beautiful dress. I looked into my closet and knew that it was what I wanted to wear and then the wheels in my brain started spinning (as they usually do). I saw the scarf and immediately knew I wanted to incorporate it. First I tied it around my waist, and it just didn’t speak to me, then I tied it around my bag and it was the perfect addition. I kept the rest of my accessories simple by adding only a statement (clip-on) earring, and my go-to gold Michael Kors watch, followed by nude Louboutin shoes and my blush colored Prada bag. I love the way to pastels play off of each other. To top off this look I added a bold red lip for a little unexpected pop of color.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as feminine and polished. I feel most confident when wearing dress and skirts and I always find myself gravitating towards materials like silk, chiffon, and lace.

3. What advice would you give someone who would like to achieve this look?

I would say to start with the dress and work around it. Be sure that whatever you pick is nicely tailored, a great fit always makes the outfit.

4. Where did you purchase the items you are wearing?

Dress: ASOS, Earrings: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Prada, Scarf: Vintage, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

If you have any additional questions about this stylish ensemble please contact Elizabeth at and visit A Keene Sense of Style for more style inspirations.

**Do you have a favorite blogger or stylish individual who you would like to ask,¬†‚ÄúHow‚Äôd you put that together?‚Ä̬†Email me at¬†¬†with your suggestions and/or requests and lets get them featured!**

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