What to Wear: Work

I know sometimes it can be a drag going to work but it’s time to cheer yourself up with an overload of color! Bring a smile to your day and everyone around you with an electric color blocking ensemble.  Check below to see how:)

I paired a pink cardigan with vintage electric blue high waist slacks.  If you work for a more conservative company all you have to do is break up the color a bit with a white button down top underneath the cardigan for a layering effect. The cardigan is from Dillard’s and the blue pants were a completely fab find at one of my local vintage shops, I am Kouture, for a very affordable $15 and nude pumps! Hope you guys like it!

If you are having trouble making a current trend wearable email me at ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com with your questions and I will show you how to make it work for you!

Peace Love Fashion


And I Love It!: My Dillard’s Finds

On Friday After work I darted over to Dillard’s to check out their 40% off sale. I was sadly surprised that I couldn’t find anything useful to buy so I left. I woke up Saturday morning and thought this just can’t be true! So I went back to Dillard’s for the second time to see if I missed anything from my trip the day before. Low and behold I ran into a rather fabulous piece that was well worth the second attempt!

This BCBG Generation purse gives me life. The sparkle and the duel use is heavenly. It can be worn with a night out outfit or during the day to add a bit of sparkle. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives and I’m glad I found mine!

The purse retailed at $68, it was marked down to $47.60 and with the additional 40% off the final priced that I paid was about $30 with tax!

All it takes is a little patience and an eye for style to find fab pieces at an affordable price. Do you love?!

Peace Love Fashion

Shopping Rant!: Dillards!!!!

Hey Guys! So If you read my post about my top 5 places to shop you know that I have a special place in my heart for Dillard’s. I just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that they are currently having their legendary additional 40% off already reduced merchandise! A soon as I get off of work I am going over to see all the goodies they have! If you can’t make it you can certainly check them out online! If you do have a chance to shop, let me know what type of goodies you find and I will do the same.

Things to keep in mind:

Remember to Shop Smart!: Most of the items you will find will be summer wear, make sure you get chic pieces that can be worn next year or used as layering pieces this fall.

Check the Shoe Department!: This is the time to get those summer sandals you wanted but couldn’t afford at the time! Remember you can take those summer sandals into the fall with you check out this post to see how-> Let Me, Help You: Summer Shoes FALLow ME!

The sale ends Sunday! Happy Shopping Loves!

Peace Love Fashion

My Style Tips: Shop Smarter

Whenever seasons change it’s hard to resist that urge to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. We all want to make sure that we are keeping up with the trends so naturally you would want to go out and buy. This brings me to my next style tip.

Style Tip#2:  Shop smarter

Before you go out to buy any new pieces for the fall be sure to check your own closet first, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find. By taking this step you will know exactly what you are looking for and what you have to mix and match your new pieces with. After you have gone through your things and you’ve decided on the must have items you want to pick up remember to not get too trendy with your choices. You want to go for chic timeless pieces that can carry you on from year to year. Just because something is in style now doesn’t mean it’s gong to go out of style in the future. Below I have a display of 3 fall trends with an example of too trendy and chic trendy, take a look:

too trendy vs. chic trendy


Fur trend: Go for something simple and tailored, a bright fur may not work each year.
Stripe Trend: Choose a bolder stripe that can easily be toned done by the addition of another piece such as a blazer or cardigan in this case.
Colored pant Trend: The bright color is bold all it’s own, go for a classic silhouette that can easily transition from year to year.
Happy Shopping Loves!
Peace Love Fashion

Let Me, Help You: Sandals & Socks

I recently did a post called , And I Love It!: Summer Shoes FALLow Me! and I had a reader ask me how this look could be accomplished. I put together two looks that I hope will help give you all an idea of how to wear your favorite summer shoes this fall.



For the first look I paired a polka dot skirt, screen tee and a boyfriend fit blazer with my black wedge cut out heels to create a trendy look.

























For the second look I wanted to show you guys how you can use a sock that is a different color than the shoes. I paired a patterned skirt, beige jacket and navy scarf with my net cut out heels to create an effortless daytime look.










You can easily tweek both of these looks to suit your personal style by changing out the skirts for shorts or even a casual dress. I hope this gives you guys an idea of how to wear this trend in the  fall and if you have any other questions please ask!:)


Peace Love Fashion















1 Piece, 3 Ways: Cream Pants

My name is Dominique and I’m a shopaholic! I had to say that out loud because I am in complete denial. I always feel like where ever I go I just have to get something new to wear, and truthfully that is just not the case. I have built a wardrobe that can carry me from season to season and from occasion to occasion. 1 Piece, 3 Ways is a new segment in which I will show you guys how to take 1 piece from your wardrobe and wear it 3 different ways.

I purchased these Steve Madden cream pleated high waist straight leg trousers ( I know long name but I had to make sure I described them perfectly! lol) at Ross for a whopping $8.99!

1. Work/Business Meeting

2. Lunch with the Girls

3. Dinner Date

Hope you guys like it! Now go out and mix and match your wardrobe!

Peace Love Fashion

And I Love It!: Summer Shoes FALLow Me:)

Don’t you hate when the seasons change and some of your favorite shoes have to go into hiding? Me too!

Well there is a way to take them with you from summer to fall! I know all of my fashionistas know what I’m taking about! Socks! Yes Socks! This trend has followed us from last season to this season and for all of you who are scared to try it this year is the year. It’s an easy, cool and totally chic way to show off those other wise forgotten shoes.

This trend works best if the socks are higher than the shoes.


For example you wouldn’t wear these types of socks,




With this type of shoe,




They will show through the toe and cut out portions but they won’t extend past the ankle of the shoe. Check out this example:



This look can be worn with any type of outfit from casual to dressy. When done right expect to be the most stylish face in the place! Take a risk and go for it!

Peace Love Fashion