2011 Will Never Go Out of Style!

As the year is winding down I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you who read, follow and enjoy my blog. I have only been blogging for a couple of months, but I have learned so much on this amazing journey so far! I’ve found an avenue that has allowed me to  finally find myself and figure out what it is that I am to do with my life. Thank you all for allowing me to be an avenue of enjoyment for a fun fashion fix!

2011 has truly been a life changing experience for me. At the beginning of this year I felt as if I had hit rock bottom. Nothing seemed to be going in my favor, but I remained optimistic. I don’t know if I’ve told you all this, but before I officially believed in my dreams of a having a career in fashion, I was on a journey to become a pharmacist (I know it is totally opposite). But to make a very long story short, I resigned from my “career” with a major retail company and returned to school to pursue my Pharm D. degree with my Bachelor of Science degree in fashion merchandising and Textiles  in hand (crazy right!? lol). I took the classes I needed, took the PCAT and interned with a major independent pharmacist in my city. These were all the things I needed to do to secure my spot at the pharmacy school of my choice. Yet after all of the work I was ultimately rejected by the school and was left totally lost, confused and scared.

As I sought guidance from the wiser adults around me, I began to realize that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. That entire journey gave me the strength I was lacking to pursue the career I always knew was destined for me. The fashion industry is not for the faint at heart, it’s tough, and I needed to build tougher skin in order to take on this new journey.

As 2011 comes to a close I am forever keeping it tucked away in my closet, because it marks the start of me becoming, excepting and owning who I really am and it will never go out of style!

2012 will be a year of major change and leaps of faith for me. I have started making strides with one of my best friends and business partner to latch on to my entrepreneurial spirit and start our fashion consulting business. I will be relocating to Atlanta in February and we are preparing to hit the ground running! By 2012’s end I will have positioned our business in the right direction, made new friends, loved harder, lived healthier and be more like the person I am destined to be! Thank you all again for supporting me along the way! I hope that you all have major plans to do something AMAZING in 2012! If you are scared to make a leap of faith in the direction you know in your heart you should go, I will leave you with some of the best advice I received in 2011. “The time to do what you love is NOW”! Take your dreams by the tail, hold on tight and DON’T LET GO! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish by just doing what you love! Always remember that your dreams are just that, YOUR DREAMS, pursue them confidently. You guys are my proof that when you do what you love great things and great people will follow. Thank you all again, and I’ll see you in 2012!:)

Peace Love Fashion,



Let Me, Help You:Sequins aren’t for Everyone & That’s OK!

For this Let me, Help you post I wanted to answer a question that a lot of people ask me, “what can I wear for New Year’s Eve other than sequins?”. Yes, it is true, there are some people who are just over sequins after the Christmas Holidays and want to try something a little different for their last night in the current year. If you are one of these people, here are a few additional options for your last night in 2011.

metallic new year

Metallic options are great for those that want to shine and not sparkle. Finish your look with  a super sexy heel and add a pop of color with an accessory option, as I did with the turquoise earring.

all white new year

Want to be an attention grabber? Then this all white look could be for you. You will certainly  stand out with a crisp all white look and to keep it festive accessorize with silver accents. Top off the look with a lot of drama adding a fur coat and if you like, a pop of color on the lip.

print new year

Show off your fun side and swap out those sequins for a bold print. This look will keep you flirty and fun and the life of the party. Accessorize with neutral accents that complement your pattern and its colors and keep the fun going with a complementing print, such as cute checkered clutch in the example above.

Hope this gives you guys a few great ideas of how to boycott those sequins fabulously!

Peace Love Fashion,

New Year, New Silhouettes

We are in the midst of holiday season and we all know what that means. Party after party after party! We all need to get our outfit game up so I know you have been as frantic as I have looking for the perfect look to wear. As I’ve been searching I have found myself steering away from the oh so popular bodycon dresses. What are they you ask? Well, they are the ever so popular form-fitting party dresses that everyone has grown so fond of. Now, when they first became all the rage I was certainly on board. It was a bit of a movement in my opinion. Women could slip on one of these little numbers and feel super sexy and super chic without having to do too much. But at this point I am just, quite frankly, SICK of them!

Every retailer has flooded their women’s sections with these body hugging numbers and just completely knocked all the fun out of them. Therefore, this holiday season I am on a mission to detox my wardrobe of the said bodycon dress and try some different silhouettes. Here are a few of my favs that I’ve seen floating randomly online.


Draped Dress: This type of dress is similar to the bodycon dress, however, it creates more visual interest to your shape without showing off every curve on your body. It’s a dress meant for sophisticated fun.

Fit and Flair Dress: Love this type of dress because it pulls in the most beloved part of a womans physique, the waist. It’s fun, flirty and meant for a nice of girly fun.

Shift Dress: This silhouette will show the comfort you have with your shape. It is a modern take on the everyday dress and it is meant for a true fashionista that wants to show the world her fashionable side. Wear this and look forward to a swank, fun-filled night.

I know it can be hard trying out new things, but if you too are over the bodycon movement and want to try something new, I hope these give you some inspiration to do so.

Peace Love Fashion,

Let Me, Help You: New Year’s Eve Finishings

Thank you to one of my reders sending in a style question! So let’s not waste time for New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! Here is the question:

“I’ve been eyeing this dress and want to purchase it for new years, but I am not too sure how to wear it, my first guess is a nude shoe with gold metallic accessories which is the safe way to go, but I want to start 2012 totally different starting with my fashion sense. PLEASE offer any suggestions

Ok so this is the dress in question:

I love this dress because it has  the sparkle you need to start the New Year off right and it is a blank canvas to add your own personal style to. Your suggested styling method would certainly work well for this look. However, there are tons of different ways you can rock this sequins number without going too far outside of your comfort zone.  Here are a few ways I would style this dress to help you stand out from the crowd.

Finishing touch

Girly Glam: This option is sure to make you the belle of the ball. Keep the look ultra girly with sparkle dress to accessories and finish with a super sexy pair of ankle strap sandals. For the hair I would keep the girly theme going and wear loose luxe curls to frame your face and top off the look.

Rocker Babe: You could have the ultimate Balmain moment with this option (example here). Create visual interest at the waist to add a bit of shape to your look. Add minimal accessories such as the studs that are shown so that you know over work the look. Then finish it off with a great stiletto ankle bootie. Your hair would look great flat ironed straight down to help pull everything together.

Trendy Chic: Channel your inner Sex in the City woman and complement your sequins dress with a hint of fashionable sophistication. Add a bold pop off-color with a super chic pair of colored pumps. Bring in another surprise element with a cute leopard clutch finished with a cute pair of earrings. For this option your hair should be in a very sleek style, either pull your hair up in a high bun or a classic pony (sort of like the signature Kim K pony).

I could go on and on with various options, but I hope these three give you some inspiration for your New Year’s Eve look. Thanks for letting me help you out!:)

Liked the advice? If you would like to have your style questions answered please contact me via email at ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com, Facebook, or shoot me a DM on Twitter, I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace Love Fashion,


CHICFancy Obsessions: Vogue Archives

I am seriously freaking out over here! Vogue has finally done it, they have released an online subscription of their amazing archives, complete with digitally scanned, full issues from 1892 to today [ insert screams followed by hysterical, frantic, shivers of excitement here!!!]

This is quite possibly every fashionistas dream to be able to get their hands on some of the most important documentation of our fashion evolution and history. I mean come on when you see a cover such as this:

Aren’t you intrigued to see more, to flip through the pages and get a first hand look at the beauty of that particular time period. UGH!!! I am simply melting with excitement I can barely type out everything I want to say!

Now, before I get you all too excited, there is just one little catch to this magnificent piece of fashion history….

Its $1,575 1-Year subscription cost! o_O WOWZAS! Can a girl get a payment plan?

Now, I’ve sat down and done the math for this quite large number and here is what I’ve found. If Vogue released 1 issue per month each year starting from 1892 to 2011 that would add up to a total of 1,428 issues. A 1-Year Vogue subscription costs $15 and that includes 12 issues. If we multiply 119 (which is the number of years between 1892 and 2011) by $15 that would come out to be $1,785.

$1,785 is slightly greater than the suggested retail value of $1,575. So, with all that being stated the 1-Year Subscription cost is actually quite fair.

Now don’t get me wrong $1,575 is a lot to drop on a magazine subscription all at once, but you have to keep in mind what you’re getting. With the subscription you will have access to all of the Vogue issues from 1892 to now. You also get the option of printing any of your favorite articles, editorials or ads. You will have the ability to research and study the evolution and history of your favorite brands. WOW! What an exciting hub of information and inspiration to have. Not convinced yet? Take a look at this video and then tell me how you feel, I’ll wait……

Sighhhh, {in my best Maria Carey voice} “all I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU!”

If you want to get your hands on this AMAZING subscription or if you just love me sooo much that you can’t bear to see me go without it, go get you (or me) a subscription today!

Peace Love Fashion,


My Personal Style Journey: Sorry I Flashed you With These Stripes

This past weekend I felt daring and free. I actually had time to spare and when I have time such as this on my hands I like to explore and create new ideas. So I took the opportunity to play dress up for the day and go a little bit outside of the box of my normal style aesthetic and played with some print and not to go too crazy with it, stripes were the print of choice for this breezy and chilly day.

What I’m Wearing:

Stripe top: Ross

Jean top: PacSun

Cargo jacket: Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: GoJane.com

I decided to mix the two different stripes 1. to add a pop of color and 2. to show you guys how to mix the same type of print and get a look that is visually weird, but works. The trick to mixing the same print or any print for that matter is to use two different scales of the print. In my look you can see that the stripes in my top are larger in scale compared to the stripes in my skirt.

NOW: Time for some BLOOPERS!:)

Ok so for some reason I felt really compelled to sit on these stairs as a part of my shoot that day. However, I somehow forgot I was wearing a skirt and it all went terribly wrong because I realized during shoot and after seeing the pictures that I was politely flashing the camera. I say politely because you can’t really see any of my “goodies” but you can tell that this particular pose of choice just wasn’t the best…

Hey, Can you see my goodies?

Well I really hope you can't! LOL

Maybe it will work if I cross my legs....

Ok, bad idea, I'll get up now!

Hope these made you laugh as much as they made me chuckle hysterically!

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Peace Love Fashion,


And I Love It!: Pre-Fall 2012 Madness!

Happy Monday everyone! It is finally getting into some real winter weather and I am completely loving it! It had me thinking about my love of winter time fashion, which is the time in which we get to separate the women from the girls and the men from the boys in the style department. When it is cold outside it is all about layering, mixing and matching fabrics, textures and prints and creating warm well pulled together looks.

Any who, I digress, lol. All of the Pre-Fall 2012 madness is getting into full gear! with fashion week right around the corner, (February 9-16), designers are giving us all a sneak peek into the inspiration for their forthcoming fall 2011 lines. Of course I went lurking throughout the internet to catch myself a glimpse of upcoming fashions. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Jason Wu

What can I say about this man? I don’t know, he just gets me! I love soft hard feel of his line. He mixes luxurious fabrics, feminine shapes and a hint of edge to each look. I am excited to see his full Fall line!

Jenni Kayne

Love the ease and practicality of the garments, I feel as if I can recreate any of the looks easily with what I have in my closet in addition to a few new pieces. This line will appeal to those who are interested in comfortable, chic, luxury.

There are tons of other lines I LOVE and will be sharing with you all through out the course of this week. Hope you enjoyed my choices! If you did and would like to see more I have provided you with the links below. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Pre-Fall 2012 madness!

Jason Wu

Jenni Kayne

Peace Love Fashion,