New Year, New Silhouettes

We are in the midst of holiday season and we all know what that means. Party after party after party! We all need to get our outfit game up so I know you have been as frantic as I have looking for the perfect look to wear. As I’ve been searching I have found myself steering away from the oh so popular bodycon dresses. What are they you ask? Well, they are the ever so popular form-fitting party dresses that everyone has grown so fond of. Now, when they first became all the rage I was certainly on board. It was a bit of a movement in my opinion. Women could slip on one of these little numbers and feel super sexy and super chic without having to do too much. But at this point I am just, quite frankly, SICK of them!

Every retailer has flooded their women’s sections with these body hugging numbers and just completely knocked all the fun out of them. Therefore, this holiday season I am on a mission to detox my wardrobe of the said bodycon dress and try some different silhouettes. Here are a few of my favs that I’ve seen floating randomly online.


Draped Dress: This type of dress is similar to the bodycon dress, however, it creates more visual interest to your shape without showing off every curve on your body. It’s a dress meant for sophisticated fun.

Fit and Flair Dress: Love this type of dress because it pulls in the most beloved part of a womans physique, the waist. It’s fun, flirty and meant for a nice of girly fun.

Shift Dress: This silhouette will show the comfort you have with your shape. It is a modern take on the everyday dress and it is meant for a true fashionista that wants to show the world her fashionable side. Wear this and look forward to a swank, fun-filled night.

I know it can be hard trying out new things, but if you too are over the bodycon movement and want to try something new, I hope these give you some inspiration to do so.

Peace Love Fashion,


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