My Personal Style Journey: Sorry I Flashed you With These Stripes

This past weekend I felt daring and free. I actually had time to spare and when I have time such as this on my hands I like to explore and create new ideas. So I took the opportunity to play dress up for the day and go a little bit outside of the box of my normal style aesthetic and played with some print and not to go too crazy with it, stripes were the print of choice for this breezy and chilly day.

What I’m Wearing:

Stripe top: Ross

Jean top: PacSun

Cargo jacket: Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt: Thrifted


I decided to mix the two different stripes 1. to add a pop of color and 2. to show you guys how to mix the same type of print and get a look that is visually weird, but works. The trick to mixing the same print or any print for that matter is to use two different scales of the print. In my look you can see that the stripes in my top are larger in scale compared to the stripes in my skirt.

NOW: Time for some BLOOPERS!:)

Ok so for some reason I felt really compelled to sit on these stairs as a part of my shoot that day. However, I somehow forgot I was wearing a skirt and it all went terribly wrong because I realized during shoot and after seeing the pictures that I was politely flashing the camera. I say politely because you can’t really see any of my “goodies” but you can tell that this particular pose of choice just wasn’t the best…

Hey, Can you see my goodies?

Well I really hope you can't! LOL

Maybe it will work if I cross my legs....

Ok, bad idea, I'll get up now!

Hope these made you laugh as much as they made me chuckle hysterically!

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Peace Love Fashion,



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