2011 Will Never Go Out of Style!

As the year is winding down I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you who read, follow and enjoy my blog. I have only been blogging for a couple of months, but I have learned so much on this amazing journey so far! I’ve found an avenue that has allowed me to  finally find myself and figure out what it is that I am to do with my life. Thank you all for allowing me to be an avenue of enjoyment for a fun fashion fix!

2011 has truly been a life changing experience for me. At the beginning of this year I felt as if I had hit rock bottom. Nothing seemed to be going in my favor, but I remained optimistic. I don’t know if I’ve told you all this, but before I officially believed in my dreams of a having a career in fashion, I was on a journey to become a pharmacist (I know it is totally opposite). But to make a very long story short, I resigned from my “career” with a major retail company and returned to school to pursue my Pharm D. degree with my Bachelor of Science degree in fashion merchandising and Textiles  in hand (crazy right!? lol). I took the classes I needed, took the PCAT and interned with a major independent pharmacist in my city. These were all the things I needed to do to secure my spot at the pharmacy school of my choice. Yet after all of the work I was ultimately rejected by the school and was left totally lost, confused and scared.

As I sought guidance from the wiser adults around me, I began to realize that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. That entire journey gave me the strength I was lacking to pursue the career I always knew was destined for me. The fashion industry is not for the faint at heart, it’s tough, and I needed to build tougher skin in order to take on this new journey.

As 2011 comes to a close I am forever keeping it tucked away in my closet, because it marks the start of me becoming, excepting and owning who I really am and it will never go out of style!

2012 will be a year of major change and leaps of faith for me. I have started making strides with one of my best friends and business partner to latch on to my entrepreneurial spirit and start our fashion consulting business. I will be relocating to Atlanta in February and we are preparing to hit the ground running! By 2012’s end I will have positioned our business in the right direction, made new friends, loved harder, lived healthier and be more like the person I am destined to be! Thank you all again for supporting me along the way! I hope that you all have major plans to do something AMAZING in 2012! If you are scared to make a leap of faith in the direction you know in your heart you should go, I will leave you with some of the best advice I received in 2011. “The time to do what you love is NOW”! Take your dreams by the tail, hold on tight and DON’T LET GO! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish by just doing what you love! Always remember that your dreams are just that, YOUR DREAMS, pursue them confidently. You guys are my proof that when you do what you love great things and great people will follow. Thank you all again, and I’ll see you in 2012!:)

Peace Love Fashion,



8 thoughts on “2011 Will Never Go Out of Style!

  1. I wish all the best in 2012. Your style is beautiful and inspiring as are you. I read your blog every week. Good luck in Atlanta.

  2. Very inspirational story! I know this sounds cliche, but u know what they say “everything happens for a reason”. Some people tend to keep pushing for the wrong thing, the path they feel they are supposed to be on, when in actuality, their destiny is usually something else. Follow your passion girlie. You are doing a great job so far with the blog! xoxo

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