CHICFancy Obsessions: Vogue Archives

I am seriously freaking out over here! Vogue has finally done it, they have released an online subscription of their amazing archives, complete with digitally scanned, full issues from 1892 to today [ insert screams followed by hysterical, frantic, shivers of excitement here!!!]

This is quite possibly every fashionistas dream to be able to get their hands on some of the most important documentation of our fashion evolution and history. I mean come on when you see a cover such as this:

Aren’t you intrigued to see more, to flip through the pages and get a first hand look at the beauty of that particular time period. UGH!!! I am simply melting with excitement I can barely type out everything I want to say!

Now, before I get you all too excited, there is just one little catch to this magnificent piece of fashion history….

Its $1,575 1-Year subscription cost! o_O WOWZAS! Can a girl get a payment plan?

Now, I’ve sat down and done the math for this quite large number and here is what I’ve found. If Vogue released 1 issue per month each year starting from 1892 to 2011 that would add up to a total of 1,428 issues. A 1-Year Vogue subscription costs $15 and that includes 12 issues. If we multiply 119 (which is the number of years between 1892 and 2011) by $15 that would come out to be $1,785.

$1,785 is slightly greater than the suggested retail value of $1,575. So, with all that being stated the 1-Year Subscription cost is actually quite fair.

Now don’t get me wrong $1,575 is a lot to drop on a magazine subscription all at once, but you have to keep in mind what you’re getting. With the subscription you will have access to all of the Vogue issues from 1892 to now. You also get the option of printing any of your favorite articles, editorials or ads. You will have the ability to research and study the evolution and history of your favorite brands. WOW! What an exciting hub of information and inspiration to have. Not convinced yet? Take a look at this video and then tell me how you feel, I’ll wait……

Sighhhh, {in my best Maria Carey voice} “all I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU!”

If you want to get your hands on this AMAZING subscription or if you just love me sooo much that you can’t bear to see me go without it, go get you (or me) a subscription today!

Peace Love Fashion,



2 thoughts on “CHICFancy Obsessions: Vogue Archives

  1. Hahaha.. If this post didn’t crack me up. As I started reading I was like oh yea! Where do I sign up! Love how you got my mouth all watering for vouge and even added up some dividends in my head as if I could swing it! Lol.. It would be lovely tho, and I’d never get any work done for swooning over the pages of vogue! Thanks for the post, it was a great read.

    Check me out at

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