Floral Fold Over

Last week I was browsing through the April issue of Lucky magazine and I ran across an amazing dress from the Proenza Schouler spring 2012 collection. Since then I have been totally smitten with it. I am especially inspired by the pinning technique used to create a fold over look. This pinning technique was used a few times throughout the collection, all in slightly different shapes and I am totally in love with it. Of course the over $2,900 price tag was totally out of the question so I rummaged through my closet to see if I had anything that could be manipulated in the same way as the Proenza Schouler dress.

To my surprise I found a floral fit and flair dress I purchased last spring that worked perfectly for the recreation I had in mind. I pulled the flair skirt out, folded it over and pinned it near the center of the dress to create the fold over effect. I also added a little extra touch of cuteness by creating a high low hem line that I think worked out quite nicely.

The dress came with a matching floral belt that I used to help tie the look together. I finished the dress with a pair of nude gladiator sandals to bring a slight edge to the soft look of the floral dress.

Yayyy, to my first outfit post in a while. I finally purchased a tripod and used this shoot  to try it out. Not bad, but I will definitely be working on perfecting the use of my tripod to get more detailed pictures.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday!

Peace Love Fashion,



And I Love It!: Protect Your Pumps

Picture this….

It’s Fashion Week in New York and you’re sitting on your couch taking a breather from the hectic day. The phone rings and to your surprise it’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez personally inviting you to the upcoming Proenza Schouler show with front row seating, you know, the whole nine. You look in your closet pick out the perfect outfit and finish with your favorite pair of pumps. Naturally, you have to look your best, just in case the photographers snap a shot of you sitting in your front row seat at the Proenza Schouler show. You glide in with confidence, sit in your seat, cross your legs and photographers begin to snap away. Off they go, the show starts, all is well, the collection is EVERYTHANG and you meet Jack and Lazaro later for drinks at a gorgeous roof top lounge. Perfect day!

The sunrises and you check the front door for the New York Post delivery and you flip through to see some of the street style photos. The page turns and at the top right corner you see a picture of yourself with the title, “The Adventures of Scratched & Scuffed” and a close up picture of the soles of your designer pumps!


Don’t you hate when your brand new pair of pumps start to show their age. Whether they are a pair of Christian Louboutins, Jessica Simpsons or Qupids, the soles of our shoes get no respect. After a couple of wears they start to get scratched, scuffed and dirty.

Well everyone, Kathryn, a fellow shoe lover, has come to save the day with Protect Your Pumps!

How it works:

Protect Your Pumps is a protective transparent adhesive that can be placed on the soles of your shoes to provide a barrier between the soles of your shoes and the ground. The adhesive is temporary and must be replaced after a couple of nights out on the town. Replacement will vary per person, based on the length of time you wear your pumps and the type of surface you walk on.

The left shoe was worn with Protect Your Pumps and the right shoe was not.

Currently Protect Your Pumps should only be used on leather soles as the adhesive may peel away color from painted soles, such as the soles of Christian Louboutins. But do not fret, the company is developing a new adhesive that will protect painted soles, which will be available very soon!

Protect Your Pumps is great for the person that faints at the sight of dirty soles and also for the person that sees their shoes as an investment and will one day want to sell their old pumps to make room for the new ones.

Designer shoes or non-designer shoes, this product is MAJOR! We are in the midst of the change in seasons and I’m sure that we will all be purchasing new shoes to rock with our spring looks. Now is the perfect time to start taking care of our beloved shoes with Protect Your Pumps.

Convinced?! It’s time to give them a try. Head over Protect Your Pumps and use the promo code FANCY for 15% off of your purchase.

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My Style Tips: Twist up a Trend

To color block or not to color block? That is the question.

The answer…


I know, I know color blocking is nothing new. This trend has taken over the game and made its way into just about every fab fashionistas wardrobe. Playing with various contrasting colors are fun, but I think it’s time to shake it up a bit. I am a big fan of mixing hard and soft, so with  color blocking it seemed only natural to mix the two biggest color trends for the spring. Pastels and neon colors are the extreme opposite of each other, and you know what they say, “opposites attract”! I also want to take it one step further and suggest that you also play with monochromatic color palettes, which is using one color in different shades.

Neon Pastel Colorblock
I wanted to provide two ways to rock this look. Option #1 is the conservative version of the trend. Mix a neon and pastel color and break up the bold look with a nude shoe. Option #2 is the daring version of the trend. Be bold and rock various shades of the neon and pastel color from head to toe.
So waht do you guys think? Is this a look you can see yourself sporting for the spring season?


If you have any questions, please ask away!:)
Happy Hump Day!

Peace Love Fashion,

Time to Throw Some Shade

Hello my beautiful readers! Today started off a bit rocky for me. I am up early every morning so when it’s time for me to get the day started it is quite gloomy and dark outside and it sort of effected my mood. However, the more the sun made its debut for the day the more cheerful I became. The sun is shining so bright today that it had me squinting my eyes just to see where I was going.

I say, no more to this squinting thing, it’s time to throw some shade at the sun and cover these pupils with some new sunnies!:) Each year around this time I go on the hunt for some new sun glasses that are versatile enough to wear with almost any look and what complements the shape of my face. Now, I would love to rock a pair of Prada or Tom Ford shades but truth of the matter is, I lose things such as these, often, smh. So in an effort not to completely lose my marbles over a $350 pair of summer sunnies I hunt the web, local boutiques and flea markets for a pair that match closely to my designer faves.

I know I’m not the only one searching for some great sunnies for the summer time, so here is a quick guide to help you with your sunglass shopping:

summer sunnies
If your face is…..
  • Heart Shaped: You’ve got two options cateye or round will finish your look perfectly.
  • Oblong (long face): Go big or go home. The oversized sunnies will make you shine.
  • Oval Shaped: Consider yourself blessed you can rock any of these fab frames flawlessly.
  • Square Shaped: Reach for the round or oval styles to get out there and knock em dead.
  • Round Shaped: The square frames will have your admirers doing a double take.

I consider myself to have somewhat of an oval-shaped face and I wouldn’t mind rocking every single pair above. All of the frames I selected are very reasonable to purchase. Click on the pair you love and order them online today!

I hope this helped everyone, happy shopping!

Peace Love Fashion,


You’re Invited!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend.

A couple of months ago I was chosen as a panelist for a monthly twitter debate and I had a great time! I’ve been contacted to join the panel once again for what will be a quite juicy topic. The debate will take place tomorrow, Tuesday March 13, 2012 at 1pm on twitter. Simply follow the hashtag #fashionunfold and get into the action. You will learn a lot and it is a great way to network with fashion enthusiasts. I can’t reveal the topic just yet, but trust me you do not want to miss it! If you don’t already, follow me on  twitter to get my up to date opinions on the topic. Tomorrow I will also send a tweet of the link where you will find my pre-debate write-up.

I hope to tweet you all there! (Haha, you see how I did that there, get it?)

Peace Love Fashion,


Dreaming of a White Spring Time

Mic check 1,2,1,2……..

I’m. dr-ea-ming of a whhhhiiittee, Spring.Time! *in my Diana Ross voice*

Yes, I am being totally over dramatic about the spring time and I’m seeing tons of whites and creams in my near future. The cold weather seemed to have clocked out early this year and spring is making its debut slowly but surely. As a pop of color obsessed woman of today I am looking to explore new options. I have really been playing with the idea of the simple look of an all white everything ensemble. I am in love with this look for the simple fact that when limited to just this one color genre my imagination gets to explore a new realm of presentation. Sure White can seem to fall flat, however, on this chocolate-brown skin it will shine bright. This spring I will be bringing white into my wardrobe in a major way. Displaying how it can be transformed by playing with different shades, patterns and textures. You can still be on the look out for a pop of interest on my feet as I refuse to wear white shoes. It matters not to me that Nina Garcia raves about how Chic white shoes are. I can not bring myself to wear them.

A white color story

What looks are you bringing into your spring wardrobe?

Peace Love Fashion,


The CHIC Fancy How-to Guide to Fashion Week

Tons of us enjoy watching fashion shows via live stream or swooning over pictures on style.com. Although this is exciting enough, there is nothing more exciting than actually being there in person. In a flash the lights dim, the crowd silences and the once lonely runway is joined my an army of models adorned in the next seasons must haves! Truly excitement at its best!

It is certainly no easy task to be amongst the privileged clan of guests, but it can totally be done.  As a recent first timer to the epic event I have learned a few ways to get the opportunity to attend. Fashion week is an invite only event so you do have to have an invite to attend and here are a few ways how to try and get one:

1. Intern or Volunteer

As an intern or volunteer your fashion week experience will be quite different. Depending on who you work with you may not get a chance to sit down and actually view the shows. However, you get an equally sweeter experience by being apart of the hands that help to get the show started. As an intern or volunteer you will be asked to do a number of different things, stuff gift bags, set up seat numbers, steam garments, dress models ect. It may be a bit of hard work, but you can potentially be up close and personal with the fabulous pieces, see how the show comes together and gain experience all at the same time. If you would like to work with a range of different designers the best option is to try to get a volunteer position with IMG, the company that makes fashion week happen, you can find the application here. If you are interested in working with specific designers I would suggest focusing on PR firms and brands. The application process involved in this option is a little more strenuous because, you would have to do research to find out which PR companies represent which brands and go from there. Either route you decide to take just remember to start EARLY! There are hundreds if not thousands of other people looking to grab these positions just like you.

2. Press

Attending fashion week as press involves contacting PR firms and requesting press credentials. This option isn’t the easiest because you actually have to be creditable source in order to even be considered. If you are a journalist or blogger that has a pretty popular publication or website this option will work for you. As press you get to attend the shows and sometimes also get access to backstage to conduct interviews before and/or after the presentation of the collections. Not to mention you get a pretty spiffy badge to wear that makes you look super official! :)

3. Guest of a Guest

As in any aspect of life success is mostly about who you know and this is no different during fashion week. You can gain access to a show merely based off of who you know and sometimes who you meet. If you are fortunate enough to know or meet someone who may offer to either invite you to tag along or give your their invite this could work for you. I personally found this option useful during my first time attending fashion week, read more of my experience here. This option is merely for people who have built relationships or is interested in building new relationships. If you want it you have to go out there and get it, but remember to build genuine lasting relationships. No one likes to be used so cherish the people you meet.

If none of these options work for you, you can always become a major celebrity and simply get invites sent to you personally :)

But seriously, I hope that this list helps all of you out there that are interested in attending fashion week. It is a wonderful experience and if you are so fortunate to get the opportunity to attend it will be a week you will never forget! If you have specific questions please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Peace, Love Fashion,