CHICFancy Obsessions: Faux Fur

Yes, I am coming to you guys with yet another obsession of mine. You will be happy to know that I have fulfilled my obsession with corduroy. I found a great pair at goodwill for $4.49! I will be sharing them with you in my very first, of many to come, DIY post so get excited!!!!! Back to my current obsession. I am on the look out for a great faux fur jacket. I love the quick glam it adds to any type of outfit be it casual or dressy. My requirements are that it be of a natural camel type color and that it is big and fluffy, but not overpowering. I’ve found a few but of course I am going to keep my eye out for other alternatives.

H&M $69.95

I love this H&M coat it is exactly the type of coat I am looking for. I like that it’s fluffy and luxurious without being too much. However, with it being H&M everybody and their unborn children will be wearing this so I may pass, but I’ll keep it as an option.

Asos $65.00 via Ebay

Now you guys know it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t checked Ebay for an additional option. I love the collar of this coat and the color is great too, it’s definitely on the list of maybes.

Peace Love Fashion,



My Personal Style Journey: Rediscovering Me

I love all things fashion and style, I’ve been obsessed since I was a little girl and now that I have ventured into this new world of blogging I have learned a lot about myself! The other day someone asked me, “if you could name one person that reflects your personal style who would it be?”. At that moment I thought without a shadow of a doubt that I could name that very person, yet sadly, I could not think of an answer. It really got me to thinking about personal style in general. What is my style? What inspires me? What are the things that make me go hmmm? At that moment I started going through my closet and examining everything from shirts to shoes and from dresses to bottoms and I was a little depressed. I’ve noticed that I have lost myself a bit. For the past few years I have been through so many changes in regards to career, emotions and lifestyle. I think that my current style reflects the rut that I’ve been in and because I haven’t gotten to the level in my life that I feel I should be in, my style has suffered a bit. I am currently on a new career path that I feel I should have always been on and its time for me to bring my wardrobe a long for the ride! I will be taking you all on my journey as it unfolds, below is a montage that will give you an idea of my personal style:)

I love things that are tailored and streamlined with pops of color, texture or pattern. 1940’s and 1950’s silhouettes and style really grab my attention because of the easy elegance. I enjoy high necklines, pants and dresses! I sometimes experiment with a few trends but they have to be able to blend in well with my personal style. So I guess I would refer to my style as Easy Elegance tailored with a twist of simplicity! I am excited to start getting myself back on track with the things that make me happy.

Peace Love Fashion

Milan Fashion Week Highlights: Gucci Spring 2012

Season collections don’t just stop in New York, as soon as a New York Fashion Week ended another began in London and currently in Milan. I haven’t been covering it but I recently came across the Gucci Spring 2012 show and was in aw of it so I had to show you guys a few pieces. I love the way they took a basic pair of pants and created multiple looks from them (sidenote: I love pants they are my favorite article of clothing!:)) The dresses and blazers were amazing and the sparkle was jaw dropping!

What do you guys think? Would you rock these Gucci threads?

Peace Love Fashion

CHICFancy Obsessions: Corduroy Pants

This is the first to what will be many of my fashion obsessions. When it comes to my own personal style I like simple elegance with touches of pattern and texture. So of course my newly found obsession is corduroy pants. This type of textile is making a come back for the fall season and I am sure that you will see tons of people catching on to the trend pretty soon. Corduroy is  a great way to add color and texture to an everyday and they can be ultra chic when worn the correct way. Any who, I am currently on a mad hunt for the perfect pair for me. I’m looking for a bright color with a great fit, preferably skinny, but I’m not opposed to a bit of a flair and so far these are my options:

J. Crew $79.95

Urban Outfitters $58.00

The prices aren’t bad but I think I can find some a bit cheaper so I’m going to do a little more research and see what else is out there. I will keep you all updated on what I find and show you how I’m going to rock my corduroy!:)

Peace Love Fashion

Wear This, Not That: Faux Leather

Leather is a very hot trend right now and we all want our piece of it but leather can get very expensive. A fashionable piece of real genuine leather clothing can run you into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars range. For the everyday person that price is just not realistic, therefore we must turn to faux leather pieces. All faux leather is not created equal, they come in various different textures and treatments and in order to get the best out of your faux leather you must choose wisely. I’ve researched a few that I believe worthy to rock and not so worthy to rock.

Wear This

Go for a low sheen 100% polyurethane faux leather, it will be the closest to a genuine leather fabric with out the hefty price.  I found a great  pair of faux leather pants on eBay from this buyer  runnickyrun for a great price!

Not That

Tons of people make the mistake of buying a leather item that just looks too faux. Steer clear from the faux leather that has a sheen to it. The shiny texture shows the low quality of the fabric and that is what you want to get away from.

Can you see the difference in the quality? I hope this helps you guys out when you are looking for your fall leather items. Shop carefully and wisely so that you always look chic and fancy! 🙂

Peace Love Fashion

The NYC Fashion Week Wrap Up: Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends

I hope you like every color of the rainbow because spring 2012 will feature each and every one! Throughout history fashion has always correlated with the times. During the great depression we saw very muted colors and as the economy got better and our futures got brighter, so did the colors of our clothing. It now seems that designers today are taking a different approach to our current economic troubles. Instead of making everyone feel down on themselves designers have found a way to bring some cheerfulness to our rather rocky times. It is a proven fact that color has an effect on our moods and even though some of us may be going through some hard times todays designers have given us a reason to smile:)

  • Bright Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • Neon Colors
  • Pastel Colors
You can really get away with any color that looks best on you in the spring. The key is to get rid of all your drab hues and replace them with bright bold colors, it’s a pretty simple concept!:)
Peace Love Fashion

The NYC Fashion Week Wrap Up: Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

I know, I know, we are all still creating our look books for our fall wardrobe, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. To be honest a few of the trends we’ve seen this year will be  popping up again next season. Lets get started shall we 🙂

1. Floral (Returning Trend)

2. Handkerchief Hemlines

3. Peplum Skirts and Tops

4. Thigh High Splits

5. Cut-Out Shoulder Tops and Dresses

6. Calf Length Dresses and Skirts

7. Skinny Leg Trousers

The spring will be a very fun time! Remember you don’t have to present your favorite trends the exact way you see them on the runway. Pick out your favorite trends and wear them in a way that fits your personal style.

Peace Love Fashion