My Personal Style Journey: Rediscovering Me

I love all things fashion and style, I’ve been obsessed since I was a little girl and now that I have ventured into this new world of blogging I have learned a lot about myself! The other day someone asked me, “if you could name one person that reflects your personal style who would it be?”. At that moment I thought without a shadow of a doubt that I could name that very person, yet sadly, I could not think of an answer. It really got me to thinking about personal style in general. What is my style? What inspires me? What are the things that make me go hmmm? At that moment I started going through my closet and examining everything from shirts to shoes and from dresses to bottoms and I was a little depressed. I’ve noticed that I have lost myself a bit. For the past few years I have been through so many changes in regards to career, emotions and lifestyle. I think that my current style reflects the rut that I’ve been in and because I haven’t gotten to the level in my life that I feel I should be in, my style has suffered a bit. I am currently on a new career path that I feel I should have always been on and its time for me to bring my wardrobe a long for the ride! I will be taking you all on my journey as it unfolds, below is a montage that will give you an idea of my personal style:)

I love things that are tailored and streamlined with pops of color, texture or pattern. 1940’s and 1950’s silhouettes and style really grab my attention because of the easy elegance. I enjoy high necklines, pants and dresses! I sometimes experiment with a few trends but they have to be able to blend in well with my personal style. So I guess I would refer to my style as Easy Elegance tailored with a twist of simplicity! I am excited to start getting myself back on track with the things that make me happy.

Peace Love Fashion


3 thoughts on “My Personal Style Journey: Rediscovering Me

  1. Bouie you are awesome! I have been checking out your blogs for several weeks and I truly believe that fashion is your calling! You should be styling Michelle Obama, Rhianna, and who ever! You remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker, especially her character Carrie, on Sex and The City! I know this is only the beginning for you and the talent God has blessed you with. Love ya chic!

  2. Bouie…This blog describes how I also feel about my personal style Hold up. I want to be more trendy, but at times I feel as if my weight or shape holds me back. I love so many different things (Especially color, and Print with color!) I too am trying to see what clothes show how good and happy I feel on the outside as I do on the inside. Plus I need a new haircut or style, so I will be seeing what your recommendations are about everything fashion! You already have the fashion, so I sign off giving you Love and Peace!!

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