CHICFancy Obsessions: Faux Fur

Yes, I am coming to you guys with yet another obsession of mine. You will be happy to know that I have fulfilled my obsession with corduroy. I found a great pair at goodwill for $4.49! I will be sharing them with you in my very first, of many to come, DIY post so get excited!!!!! Back to my current obsession. I am on the look out for a great faux fur jacket. I love the quick glam it adds to any type of outfit be it casual or dressy. My requirements are that it be of a natural camel type color and that it is big and fluffy, but not overpowering. I’ve found a few but of course I am going to keep my eye out for other alternatives.

H&M $69.95

I love this H&M coat it is exactly the type of coat I am looking for. I like that it’s fluffy and luxurious without being too much. However, with it being H&M everybody and their unborn children will be wearing this so I may pass, but I’ll keep it as an option.

Asos $65.00 via Ebay

Now you guys know it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t checked Ebay for an additional option. I love the collar of this coat and the color is great too, it’s definitely on the list of maybes.

Peace Love Fashion,



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