Wear This, Not That: Faux Leather

Leather is a very hot trend right now and we all want our piece of it but leather can get very expensive. A fashionable piece of real genuine leather clothing can run you into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars range. For the everyday person that price is just not realistic, therefore we must turn to faux leather pieces. All faux leather is not created equal, they come in various different textures and treatments and in order to get the best out of your faux leather you must choose wisely. I’ve researched a few that I believe worthy to rock and not so worthy to rock.

Wear This

Go for a low sheen 100% polyurethane faux leather, it will be the closest to a genuine leather fabric with out the hefty price.  I found a great  pair of faux leather pants on eBay from this buyer  runnickyrun for a great price!

Not That

Tons of people make the mistake of buying a leather item that just looks too faux. Steer clear from the faux leather that has a sheen to it. The shiny texture shows the low quality of the fabric and that is what you want to get away from.

Can you see the difference in the quality? I hope this helps you guys out when you are looking for your fall leather items. Shop carefully and wisely so that you always look chic and fancy! 🙂

Peace Love Fashion


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