Random Fashion Rant: Chat it Up

Happy Friday, oops I mean Thursday everyone! Today is my Friday so I had to rub it in a little bit, right? This week has been great for me, because I have had a world wind of inspiration coming from all of the amazing bloggers I’ve met on Twitter and beyond.

Little do they know, they have helped me spark new ideas and improvements that will be coming soon to Oh Chic Fancy Huh. How did I meet them you ask!?

Well, there are a plethora of different blog chats hosted on twitter that I indulge in when I get the opportunity. They discuss everything from SEO to guest blogging and not to mention it is a great way to network and build relationships. If you are interested in starting a blog or improving your existing blog, be sure to cyber mingle and chat it up during these very helpful weekly chats!

#BlogTrends Monday @9pm est @Blog_trends

#ASBchat Wednesday @3pm est @ATLStyleBloggrs

#BlogLuv Tuesday @9pm cst @iLuvvit

Each of these twitter chats  are open to who ever would like to participate simply follow the hashtags above to follow the chat. Also, follow the twitter handles to get a dose of their daily fun and helpful tweets.

I have personally participated in these blog chats, but if you know of any other cool ones I should try out, please send them my way!

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And I Love It!: Stone Savant Jewelry

One day I was casually browsing twitter and came across the Stone Savant Jewelry page and decided to take a peek. I clicked on the link expecting to come across the usual handmade trendy type of jewelry, but I was surprisingly greeted with a picture of an elegant, classic and quite whimsical stone necklace. I browsed through and began to swoon more and more as I came across the beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Overly impressed, I politely followed the company on twitter and sent a tweet expressing my fondness of the pieces and got an immediate response of gratitude.

Since that time I have had the opportunity to casually interact with the company via twitter, you know a few, “hey girl, heys” and things of that nature. So naturally in my mind we are totally cyber friends and the owner and designer Danielle Hinton confirmed this by an ultimate display of gratitude.

On my birthday she sent me a Happy Birthday tweet along with a message saying that she wanted to gift me a pair of her Tribeca earrings. They quickly arrived and I have been gushing over them ever since. I got a chance to wear them while on my trip to New York and they were the perfect touch to finish my simple look.

I really enjoy the simple, rustic beauty of the Stone Savant jewelry. They are designed in a way that allows the beauty of the stone to dictate the flow of the piece. Danielle Hinton certainly has a fresh take on design and I look forward to seeing the Stone Savant Jewelry brand grow into the successful business I know that it will be.

There are still good people in the world and I want to send out a HUGE thank to Danielle for these beautiful earrings! She did not ask for me to do this post about them, I just wanted to share the earrings with you guys.

I know that you are all curious to see more, so head over to stonesavant.com and check out all of the gorgeous designs. I’ve got my eye on the “Monaco” and “September” necklaces, as well as the “Is This Love” bracelet!

Thanks for stopping by!

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And I Love It!: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012

As you all know I am in New York for Mercedes-Benz fashion week and life has been a whirl wind since I’ve touched down. There is so much I have to share with you all including my recap of the independent fashion blogger conference, show reviews and my fashion week survival kit suggestions!

Before I arrived in New York I saw a very exciting tweet from one of my favorite bloggers, Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor. She was looking for reporters to cover a few shows for her during fashion week while she attended MAGIC in Las Vegas. Of course I jumped on the opportunity and sent in my writing sample and guess what…..she chose me! I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with Danielle. I admire her progression in the blogging world, as well as, her writing style. She keeps its fun and fresh and I love how welcoming her writing style is.

In her place I attended the Naeem Khan show and it was absolutely amazing! Check out the recap here.

Thank you Danielle for the opportunity and please be sure to check out her personal beauty and fashion blog The Style and Beauty Doctor  and her beauty contributions on the Fashion Bomb Daily.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Stay tuned for more of my Mercedes-Benz fashion week coverage!

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ChicFancy Obsessions: Jason Wu for Target 2012

Fashionistas, fashion lovers, admirers and fans alike, it will soon be time for the nation to crash the target.com server in order to get their hands on a piece of this Jason Wu for Target collection. The man who gave our first lady Michelle Obama one of the most memorable fashion moments of 2009, has yet again brought us an amazing collection and all for the ladies on a budget. Take a look at what you can expect to see for purchase soon at a Target near you!

Feminine, flirty, playful and a hint of nautical all wrapped up in one!:) Prices range from $19.99-59.99 for the clothing items and $19.99-$49.99 for the accessories pieces, a TOTAL STEAL!

So, tell me, are you going to go coo, coo for cocoa puffs to get you a piece?!

Peace Love Fashion,


CHICFancy Obsessions: Vogue Archives

I am seriously freaking out over here! Vogue has finally done it, they have released an online subscription of their amazing archives, complete with digitally scanned, full issues from 1892 to today [ insert screams followed by hysterical, frantic, shivers of excitement here!!!]

This is quite possibly every fashionistas dream to be able to get their hands on some of the most important documentation of our fashion evolution and history. I mean come on when you see a cover such as this:

Aren’t you intrigued to see more, to flip through the pages and get a first hand look at the beauty of that particular time period. UGH!!! I am simply melting with excitement I can barely type out everything I want to say!

Now, before I get you all too excited, there is just one little catch to this magnificent piece of fashion history….

Its $1,575 1-Year subscription cost! o_O WOWZAS! Can a girl get a payment plan?

Now, I’ve sat down and done the math for this quite large number and here is what I’ve found. If Vogue released 1 issue per month each year starting from 1892 to 2011 that would add up to a total of 1,428 issues. A 1-Year Vogue subscription costs $15 and that includes 12 issues. If we multiply 119 (which is the number of years between 1892 and 2011) by $15 that would come out to be $1,785.

$1,785 is slightly greater than the suggested retail value of $1,575. So, with all that being stated the 1-Year Subscription cost is actually quite fair.

Now don’t get me wrong $1,575 is a lot to drop on a magazine subscription all at once, but you have to keep in mind what you’re getting. With the subscription you will have access to all of the Vogue issues from 1892 to now. You also get the option of printing any of your favorite articles, editorials or ads. You will have the ability to research and study the evolution and history of your favorite brands. WOW! What an exciting hub of information and inspiration to have. Not convinced yet? Take a look at this video and then tell me how you feel, I’ll wait……

Sighhhh, {in my best Maria Carey voice} “all I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU!”

If you want to get your hands on this AMAZING subscription or if you just love me sooo much that you can’t bear to see me go without it, go get you (or me) a subscription today!

Peace Love Fashion,


YUP! Another H&M Collabo: Who is this Marni Character?

H&M is known for their collaborations with high-end designers. The most recent being, Versace, in all of its craziness and fashion glory. Today H&M announced that the next collaboration will be with the luxury brand Marni. Who is this character you ask? Should you be excited you ask?

Well, Marni may not be a household name but this brand is definitely among the top luxury brands in the fashion world. Marni is iconic for their eclectic, artisty and bohemian chic style. The designer behind this steaming power house, Consuelo Castiglioni, started Marni brand in 1994 and has elevated it to what it has become today. You should most certainly be excited about this H&M collaboration if you are a fan of bold prints and modern streamline silhouettes. Certainly luxury at it’s best. The Marni for H&M collection will include both men and women’s wear, topped off with complementing accessories and shoes. The collection hits stores on March 8, 2012. Sneak peek pictures below:

Well I am certainly intrigued and would like to see more!

Are you guys a little bit excited? Or are you on the fence?

For a closer look at the Marni design aesthetic check out their Spring 2012 Ready to Wear line here.

Peace Love Fashion,


When Versace for H&M turns into a Rip-Off!!

Some one please CC. this message to H&M, the Versace corporate offices and to Donatella herself! If your follow me on twitter you’d know that I tweeted this comment yesterday “Shout out to all of the designers bringing a little piece of luxury to those that can only admire their art from a far:) #Thankyoukindly”

When I tweeted this I really meant it! It’s hard for some of us who work hard everyday to try to be the best people we can be, make sure to pay our student loans on time (which sucks!), work a full-time job during the day and chase our dreams on lunch breaks, weekends and at night, so that people know “We were here” (thanks Beyonce for those lyrics!) and look fabulous while doing it! So when designers take the time to think about people like us and provide us with a piece of their luxury brands (that we would definitely support if we could) for a reasonable price, thank you’s are in order.

Now why is Versace for H&M a rip off? Well because usually the people who get their hands on these fabulous pieces first aren’t the ever so deserving and appreciative people Donatella is looking to reach. It’s the greedy, most likely fashionably impaired, eBay hoarders looking to make a profit on our piece of affordable luxury heaven that is Versace:(

This happens every time a major designer takes part in this type of collaboration. It makes me sick to my stomach that the once affordable $199 studded leather dress that I LOVE and want on my body is now a huge $579+ on eBay. I mean, seriously people? For fashion feens like me who have some of the worst luck when it comes to getting a piece of these luxe designer dudes, we look to eBay to snag us an item , but this price are just a complete rip-off!

Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t get a profit from their over night camp out sessions, but I am saying they should be realistic about it. I would feel some type of remorse if they would start the bidding off at the retail price and then let buyers bid to the death as THEY drive the price to the heavens. I however, feel no remorse when the eBay supplier starts the bidding off at double the retail price, RIDICULOUS! When bids are placed they are guaranteed to go well over the suggested bidding price, so it’s an automatic lose, lose for us from the start. Like, helllooo guys, the reason the designers have these collaborations in the first place is to reach the market that can’t afford sky-high prices!

I can’t afford this Versace scarf-hem bustier dress that retails $2925.00 at Neiman Marcus Wowza!

I can afford this similar $149 Versace for H&M baby doll dress and maybe even willing to go over 50 bucks or so to snag it. But the exact same dress at $355, ummmm not so much.

I’m sure this is not what Donatella wanted when she whipped up her collection that spews Versace fabulousness. Granted the collection hasn’t officially been released in the US just yet, I still feel some kind of way when I search Versace for H&M on eBay and see THIS!

So is when does Versace for H&M turn into a Rip-Off?……….. When it’s on eBay, hmph     😦

If I don’t get the items I want I will have to resort to eBay, but unless I skip one of my monthly student loan payments, I just simply can’t afford to pay someone double to triple the amount for any of the amazing items from the Versace for H&M line off of eBay.

I just hope that some of the deserving fashionistas out there get some of their fav pieces and rock it as only they can!

What do you guys think about this foolishness?

Leave me comments and send me a tweet on twitter

Peace Love Fashion,