The NYC Fashion Week Wrap Up: Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends

I hope you like every color of the rainbow because spring 2012 will feature each and every one! Throughout history fashion has always correlated with the times. During the great depression we saw very muted colors and as the economy got better and our futures got brighter, so did the colors of our clothing. It now seems that designers today are taking a different approach to our current economic troubles. Instead of making everyone feel down on themselves designers have found a way to bring some cheerfulness to our rather rocky times. It is a proven fact that color has an effect on our moods and even though some of us may be going through some hard times todays designers have given us a reason to smile:)

  • Bright Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • Neon Colors
  • Pastel Colors
You can really get away with any color that looks best on you in the spring. The key is to get rid of all your drab hues and replace them with bright bold colors, it’s a pretty simple concept!:)
Peace Love Fashion

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