My Style Tips: Be a Chic Beach

I have had a rough few weeks, hints the lack of posts. This whole moving to another city to conquer the world and live my dreams thing has been a lot harder than I thought it would be:/  However chicettes, this too shall pass. In the midst of all the sulking and home-sickness I’ve experienced I realized I have never missed the beach so much in my life! I grew up near the beach and I always tell people how over the beach I’ve become, but I would give the left pair of my favorite gladiator flats to feel a wave crash against my skin, buuut not the left pair of these super chic flats in the look below:

Chic Beach Bum

If I ever make it to the beach before the end of the summer I want to do it in style. I love bikinis, but this year has been a year that I have wanted to try new silhouettes and designs and this bold print one piece will certainly do the trick. Paired with a great summer hat, beach bag and pair of light cover ups this look can go from fab to lous  all in one shot. And don’t even get me started with these super chic pair of gladiators that finish the look perfectly. Bottom line, I want to go to the beach and I want to be super cute when I do it.

If you too are on the way to the beach this summer or you’ve been and want to present a new look, try switching out the bikinis for a chic one piece and make it your own by adding a few pieces that pop 🙂

Peace Love Style,



Floral Fold Over

Last week I was browsing through the April issue of Lucky magazine and I ran across an amazing dress from the Proenza Schouler spring 2012 collection. Since then I have been totally smitten with it. I am especially inspired by the pinning technique used to create a fold over look. This pinning technique was used a few times throughout the collection, all in slightly different shapes and I am totally in love with it. Of course the over $2,900 price tag was totally out of the question so I rummaged through my closet to see if I had anything that could be manipulated in the same way as the Proenza Schouler dress.

To my surprise I found a floral fit and flair dress I purchased last spring that worked perfectly for the recreation I had in mind. I pulled the flair skirt out, folded it over and pinned it near the center of the dress to create the fold over effect. I also added a little extra touch of cuteness by creating a high low hem line that I think worked out quite nicely.

The dress came with a matching floral belt that I used to help tie the look together. I finished the dress with a pair of nude gladiator sandals to bring a slight edge to the soft look of the floral dress.

Yayyy, to my first outfit post in a while. I finally purchased a tripod and used this shoot  to try it out. Not bad, but I will definitely be working on perfecting the use of my tripod to get more detailed pictures.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday!

Peace Love Fashion,


Wear This, Not That: Gladiator Sandals

Oh dear gladiator sandals, you have been with us for a couple of seasons now and yes our feet do thank you! However, your designs have gotten a bit out of control. But not to fear there are still a few of you left that will help keep you guys as one of the must have pieces for the summer season.

Ladies do not fall for the over designed, over accessorized pair of gladiator sandals. They are just not chic and quite frankly they make you look as if you are trying way too hard. Wear This, Not That, will be a segment dedicated to giving you advice on the proper clothing, shoes and accessory items to choose in a sea of variety.


Wear This:


When choosing a pair of gladiator sandals look for simple designs and minimal embellishments. These type of styles will add interest to your look without over doing it.


Not This



Whatever you do, do not get too trendy with your choices. Just because you see it on a runway or in a store display does not mean you should wear it.


Of course these are just my opinions but take it from me, I have your back! I want to see you guys looking chic and fancy at all times:) Don’t fall to easily for showy pieces and when in doubt keep it simple! Until next time, Peace Love Fashion