CHIC Fancy Black History Through Fashion and Style: Arthur Smith

A finishing touch to any look is very important and we all choose to display this is various ways. Some may choose a hair style to finish their look, the perfect make up or hand bag. However, the most popular way to complete a look is with the perfect piece of complementing jewelry. So to all my connoisseurs of beautiful pieces of jewelry, please meet Arthur Smith.

Arthur Smith is credited to be the first successful black jewelry designer.

The modernist jeweler combined his love for jewelry making and jazz and created some of the most beautiful jewelry of its time. He created pieces for many famous singers including  the late great Duke Ellington. Arthur Smith was known for large-scale, lightweight jewelry made of copper, silver, gold and finished with semi-precious stones. He opened his very own shop in 1946 in Greenwich Village and thrived in the business through the 1970’s. Each piece of jewelry had the creativity of his artistry and the sophistication of a carefully crafted jazz piece. Many have tried to duplicate his work but have fallen short of mastering his insanely talented techniques. Catch a glimpse of some of his one of a kind pieces below:

Talent off the charts! Thank you Arthur Smith for your contributions to our black history, I appreciate you!

Peace Love Fashion,