The CHICcap: Mattiepalooza + Style Bloggers of Color Conference Day 2

“Consistency= King, Content= Queen, Authenticity= First Knight”

Did that quote move you in a way you can not explain?! Well this is just a taste of some of the life changing bits of knowledge I received at the Style Bloggers of Color conference.

I love conferences because I get a chance to be around like minded individuals that are driven to be succesful in their own right. The energy in the room was just amazing! Now if you don’t follow me on twitter you need to be because that day I was tweeting all the knowledge tea given during the event. But do not fret I have graciously brought them to you here on OCFH. Check out some of the atmosphere shots I got and grab some knowledge while you’re at it! 🙂
Ok, there is no way you can tell me that you did not get a spark of YES MA’AM from these quotes. I was so overwhelmed with joy, happiness, excitement and inspiration!

The day ended with Curls Night Out. Freebies, drinks, DJ, DIY jewelry bar, local boutique vendors and drinks! And um did I mention I actually won a raffle and got an amazing hair care kit 🙂 WINNING! I had so much fun, can’t wait til next year! 🙂

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the CHIC cap! Day 3 of Mattiepalooza coming soon! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Peace Love Style,



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