The CHICcap: Mattiepalooza + Style Bloggers of Color Conference Day 1

Seriously guys I’ve been on an event roll these past few weeks and I am having tons of fun and learning new things! Last weekend I attended the first annual Mattiepalooza here in Atlanta and when I tell you I had a blast it is a total understatement.  Mattiepalooza is the brain child of Mattie James, editor and founder of Mattieologie which is a 3 day extravaganza consisting of a fashion show, the first annual style bloggers of color conference and an awards luncheon. The entire weekend was a way to bring bloggers of all colors shapes and sizes together to celebrate each other, live, learn and be great! 🙂

Now because this was a 3 day event and I have over 200 pictures from the weekend, I’m going to chop it up and give you guys an idea of how each day went separately. First up Day 1, the fashion show.
The fashion show was simply amazing! It was a great way to kick off the weekend. The show featured an array of different local designers and a few of Atlanta’s top style bloggers. Not only did I enjoy the show I enjoyed the venue, INK! Art Gallery as it was a great backdrop to all of the colorful, fun and playful pieces in the show and displayed throughout the space.Looks fun right? Well it was! Check out Mattie in her super cute closing outfit:)

This was pretty much how I was all night! The fashion show was a great ice breaker to what was to be a very insightful day ahead. Stay tuned for Day 2 of my CHICcap for Mattiepalooza, trust me you are going to enjoy it and Im going to share some of the gems I learned while I was there.

Peace Love Style,



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