“How’d you put that together?”: Ty

She can recreate runway looks with ease, her personal style is clean, stylish and chic and she is always on point. Ty has been one of the victims to my blog stalking problem. The thing I love most about Ty is that every outfit she puts together always looks perfectly styled. I can never envision a way to add or take away from any of her looks, they fit her perfectly. Ty has found a way to mix words and wardrobes easily (pun intended) with great style and enjoyable reads. You know you’re a great writer when someone tries to steal your words and use them for their own, smh. Yes, someone definitely tried hijacking some of the content from Words & Wardrobes and Ty caught them red-handed! Ha! I love it! And let me just add that this little lady just had a beautiful baby girl and her waist line snapped back like the elastic waste band on a fresh pair of patterned leggings! Go on girl!

Now get into her look below to she how she put it together:

1. How did you put your look together?

When I created this look, I was just beginning to play with pattern-mixing (which I love), but with this outfit, I wanted to keep things simple by pairing the same print. Plus, I liked how the top was fitted on top but the skirt was flared (I’m a big fan of sartorial juxtaposition). At the time, I had just bought the shoes and was dying to wear them and I think they ended up going really well with the outfit.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I like to say that my personal style is always evolving. It’s different from what it was when I started words & wardrobes 2 years ago, but I still like some of the same things (for example, prints, bright colors and chunky jewelry). Also, I’m learning to mix high and low (or at least my definition of high and low) and I’m amazed at how it can take your style up a notch.

3. What advice would you give someone who would like to achieve this look?

Choose colors that go together well. Black, white, and red is a classic color combination, which is why this look works. Also, because stripes are a fairly simple pattern, I tried to add something to give the outfit a little something extra—in this case, it’s the shoes.

4. Where did you purchase the items you are wearing?

I fell in love with this Marc Jacobs skirt when I saw Ashley Tisdale wearing it in an issue of InStyle Magazine, so when I saw it deeply discounted at Barney’s, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I bought the top at Zara and the shoes are from Lulu’s (both purchased last summer). Lastly, my bracelets and ring are from Forever 21, which is where I tend to go for accessories.

If you have any additional questions about this stylish ensemble please contact Ty at ty@wordsandwardrobes.com and visit Words & Wardrobes for more style inspirations!

**Do you have a favorite blogger or stylish individual who you would like to ask, “How’d you put that together?” Email me at ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com with your suggestions and/or requests and lets get them featured!**

Peace Love Style,



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