“How’d you put that together”: Hilary

I ran into a picture of Hilary featured on Rocquelle’s weekly,Your Body is Fabulous series and easily fell in love with her style. Without even getting the chance to browse her blog to learn more about her, I could immediately tell that she had a fondness for art and design (of course I was totally right! 🙂 ). As I browsed through her personal style and interior design based blog, my brain went into inspiration overload! I simply adore her very clean-cut and whimsical style. She does wonders with cool prints, fun accessories and bright colors. Not to mention I’ve become completely obsessed with her color study posts, where she displays color inspirations from her various outings. Whenever I visit her blog I find myself blurting, “Pretty!”, to all that Hilary Inspired has to offer.

Get into how she put together this pretty spring time ensemble.

1. How did you put your look together?

To be honest, it happened pretty organically. I knew I wanted to play with high and low textures so, as I stood in front of my closet clothing rack, I knew the denim shirt and silk skirt were easy choices. From there, I honed in on the bright blue belt to accentuate the waist. The jewelry was meant to be simple and out of the way. Finally, the nude shoes were a must! I wanted something that would elongate the leg since the silk skirt was at a slightly longer length.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is greatly influenced by vintage cuts and patterns. I love color and am most interested in eclectic styling. Classic shapes with some unexpected twist are my thing.

3. What advice would you give someone who would like to achieve this look?

Find yourself an awesome denim or chambray shirt. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to feel good. I like mine to fit a little looser… it gives the ensemble that casual, “boyfriend”-borrowed look. Mine was a thrifted piece and I wear it all the time!! Other than that, have fun with a dressier skirt. The mix and match is what makes this look so much fun!

4. Where did you purchase the items you are wearing?

Let me think…. okay, here’s the run down. Earrings, Nordstrom Rack // Denim Shirt, Thrifted // Bright Blue Belt, Vintage // Green Silk Floral Skirt, Thrifted // Beaded Purse, gift from mom 🙂 // Silver Bangle, Vintage // Nude Pumps, ShoeMint (Dominique, you’ll notice I’ve attached links to similar items for your readers as well).

If you have any additional questions about this stylish ensemble please contact Hilary at hilarywalkerdesign@gmail.com and visit Hilary Inspired for more style inspirations!

**Do you have a favorite blogger or stylish individual who you would like to ask, “How’d you put that together?” Email me at ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com with your suggestions and/or requests and lets get them featured!**

Peace Love Style,



One thought on ““How’d you put that together”: Hilary

  1. I became smitten with Hilary the minute I saw her at a party during the Texas Style Conference!! Her style is so amazing, and her blog is awesome!! I am so glad you found her through my blog Dominique.

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