My Style Tips: Shoe Trend Shift

The true test of a styleista is having the ability to acknowledge a trend, rock it (if it appeals to your style) and at the same time be aware of what is to come next. The worst thing you could do is be left with a closet full of trendy items that have fallen out of style.

Trends are thrown at us in hopes that we will accept them, love them, purchase them. When a trend hits streets successfully it blows up and over saturates the market with high-end and lower end choices.

Take for example the platform shoe. This trend has been going strong for some time now, any and everywhere you go there is no shortage of platform pumps, sandals and booties. I love this trend, platforms are stylish and most importantly comfy! I say, if you can add a pair or two of platform shoes to your collection, go for it, but remember not to take it over board. Make sure to have an array of different styles at your disposal.

Currently, I am seeing a shift in the shoe trend. The platform, yet still there with vengeance, is being chopped away to reveal a less chunky approach to shoe design. Some may think of this style as matronly or boring but when approached with modern accents and colors th designs shoe off a classic twist.

Classic Twist
Classic design always needs to be a staple in your wardrobe. When looking to modernize a classic shoe, look for designs that mimics the current trend in a subtle way so that the shoe can live on from season to season.

Do you have a question about personal style, current or upcoming trends? Contact me at and I’ll feature you question and my answer here on OCFH! 🙂

Peace Love Style,

One thought on “My Style Tips: Shoe Trend Shift

  1. Good style tips. I am a sucker for a platform shoe as it distributes weight evenly, and is just plain ole comfortable. You’re absolutely right that classics need to be a staple in your wardrobe. I’m not big on trends and I always say classic is best.

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