Roaring Pleats

Happy Monday my beautiful readers! I hope that every one enjoyed their weekends and Easter Sunday.

When I saw this dress it reminded me of the roaring twenties, the era of the flapper. Women rebelled against what was the norm.They changed their hair, their wardrobe, their mindset and started a new. Sort of like a change in season. When a new season starts it is always a great  time to reflect and renew your appearance and goals both inside and out.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. It signifies the day that we were all given a new life and a second chance to become the amazing people God wants us to be. How wonderful is that! It is also the day I use to mark the official start of the spring season and to welcome the new blooming flowers, sunshine and a new wardrobe!

My Easter look was inspired by the sign of new life and joy. Fun, colorful and free-flowing.

What I am Wearing:

Dress: Lauren Conrad (Kohls)

Shoes: Vince Camuto (old)

Sunnies: Asos

Necklace: Not sure (old)

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace Love Style,


P.S. I changed my signature to, Peace Love Style because when I first started my blog it was meant to inspire personal style. I think that the tiny provision means a lot to the direction in which I am taking my blog. Stay tuned!:)


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