My Style Tips: Easter Inspiration

Easter is quickly creeping up on us and yesterday I was reminded of that by one of my readers. So with that being said lets jump right into it because time is quickly running out.

Easter has always been the official day of spring for me. It marks the change in the season, attitudes and wardrobe. To totally NAIL your Easter look just think COLOR, FLORAL and SPRINGTIME! Let these three things inspire your choices, you should look like a sunny day in the park 🙂 Here are a few options to help you bring it all together:

Easter Options
Option #1: A Bold Mix
You can find a floral print almost anywhere this season. Take your floral piece and mix it with and unexpected pairing. I am currently head over heels for a great snake print and trust me, mixing the two will be AHMAZING when executed confidently.


Option #2: Kick of Color
When in doubt go back to the good old color blocking trend. Take spring colors such as pastels and bold saturated hues. You can also add a hint of interest by breaking up the kick of color with a muted design as I did with the floral lace.


I hope that these options help to inspire your Easter Sunday looks! If you have any question shoot me an email or leave a comment below. Let know what you all come up with. I would love to see! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your weekend!


Peace Love Fashion,

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