And I Love It!: Protect Your Pumps

Picture this….

It’s Fashion Week in New York and you’re sitting on your couch taking a breather from the hectic day. The phone rings and to your surprise it’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez personally inviting you to the upcoming Proenza Schouler show with front row seating, you know, the whole nine. You look in your closet pick out the perfect outfit and finish with your favorite pair of pumps. Naturally, you have to look your best, just in case the photographers snap a shot of you sitting in your front row seat at the Proenza Schouler show. You glide in with confidence, sit in your seat, cross your legs and photographers begin to snap away. Off they go, the show starts, all is well, the collection is EVERYTHANG and you meet Jack and Lazaro later for drinks at a gorgeous roof top lounge. Perfect day!

The sunrises and you check the front door for the New York Post delivery and you flip through to see some of the street style photos. The page turns and at the top right corner you see a picture of yourself with the title, “The Adventures of Scratched & Scuffed” and a close up picture of the soles of your designer pumps!


Don’t you hate when your brand new pair of pumps start to show their age. Whether they are a pair of Christian Louboutins, Jessica Simpsons or Qupids, the soles of our shoes get no respect. After a couple of wears they start to get scratched, scuffed and dirty.

Well everyone, Kathryn, a fellow shoe lover, has come to save the day with Protect Your Pumps!

How it works:

Protect Your Pumps is a protective transparent adhesive that can be placed on the soles of your shoes to provide a barrier between the soles of your shoes and the ground. The adhesive is temporary and must be replaced after a couple of nights out on the town. Replacement will vary per person, based on the length of time you wear your pumps and the type of surface you walk on.

The left shoe was worn with Protect Your Pumps and the right shoe was not.

Currently Protect Your Pumps should only be used on leather soles as the adhesive may peel away color from painted soles, such as the soles of Christian Louboutins. But do not fret, the company is developing a new adhesive that will protect painted soles, which will be available very soon!

Protect Your Pumps is great for the person that faints at the sight of dirty soles and also for the person that sees their shoes as an investment and will one day want to sell their old pumps to make room for the new ones.

Designer shoes or non-designer shoes, this product is MAJOR! We are in the midst of the change in seasons and I’m sure that we will all be purchasing new shoes to rock with our spring looks. Now is the perfect time to start taking care of our beloved shoes with Protect Your Pumps.

Convinced?! It’s time to give them a try. Head over Protect Your Pumps and use the promo code FANCY for 15% off of your purchase.

Peace Love Fashion,



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