My Style Tips: Twist up a Trend

To color block or not to color block? That is the question.

The answer…


I know, I know color blocking is nothing new. This trend has taken over the game and made its way into just about every fab fashionistas wardrobe. Playing with various contrasting colors are fun, but I think it’s time to shake it up a bit. I am a big fan of mixing hard and soft, so with  color blocking it seemed only natural to mix the two biggest color trends for the spring. Pastels and neon colors are the extreme opposite of each other, and you know what they say, “opposites attract”! I also want to take it one step further and suggest that you also play with monochromatic color palettes, which is using one color in different shades.

Neon Pastel Colorblock
I wanted to provide two ways to rock this look. Option #1 is the conservative version of the trend. Mix a neon and pastel color and break up the bold look with a nude shoe. Option #2 is the daring version of the trend. Be bold and rock various shades of the neon and pastel color from head to toe.
So waht do you guys think? Is this a look you can see yourself sporting for the spring season?


If you have any questions, please ask away!:)
Happy Hump Day!

Peace Love Fashion,

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