Time to Throw Some Shade

Hello my beautiful readers! Today started off a bit rocky for me. I am up early every morning so when it’s time for me to get the day started it is quite gloomy and dark outside and it sort of effected my mood. However, the more the sun made its debut for the day the more cheerful I became. The sun is shining so bright today that it had me squinting my eyes just to see where I was going.

I say, no more to this squinting thing, it’s time to throw some shade at the sun and cover these pupils with some new sunnies!:) Each year around this time I go on the hunt for some new sun glasses that are versatile enough to wear with almost any look and what complements the shape of my face. Now, I would love to rock a pair of Prada or Tom Ford shades but truth of the matter is, I lose things such as these, often, smh. So in an effort not to completely lose my marbles over a $350 pair of summer sunnies I hunt the web, local boutiques and flea markets for a pair that match closely to my designer faves.

I know I’m not the only one searching for some great sunnies for the summer time, so here is a quick guide to help you with your sunglass shopping:

summer sunnies
If your face is…..
  • Heart Shaped: You’ve got two options cateye or round will finish your look perfectly.
  • Oblong (long face): Go big or go home. The oversized sunnies will make you shine.
  • Oval Shaped: Consider yourself blessed you can rock any of these fab frames flawlessly.
  • Square Shaped: Reach for the round or oval styles to get out there and knock em dead.
  • Round Shaped: The square frames will have your admirers doing a double take.

I consider myself to have somewhat of an oval-shaped face and I wouldn’t mind rocking every single pair above. All of the frames I selected are very reasonable to purchase. Click on the pair you love and order them online today!

I hope this helped everyone, happy shopping!

Peace Love Fashion,



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