Dreaming of a White Spring Time

Mic check 1,2,1,2……..

I’m. dr-ea-ming of a whhhhiiittee, Spring.Time! *in my Diana Ross voice*

Yes, I am being totally over dramatic about the spring time and I’m seeing tons of whites and creams in my near future. The cold weather seemed to have clocked out early this year and spring is making its debut slowly but surely. As a pop of color obsessed woman of today I am looking to explore new options. I have really been playing with the idea of the simple look of an all white everything ensemble. I am in love with this look for the simple fact that when limited to just this one color genre my imagination gets to explore a new realm of presentation. Sure White can seem to fall flat, however, on this chocolate-brown skin it will shine bright. This spring I will be bringing white into my wardrobe in a major way. Displaying how it can be transformed by playing with different shades, patterns and textures. You can still be on the look out for a pop of interest on my feet as I refuse to wear white shoes. It matters not to me that Nina Garcia raves about how Chic white shoes are. I can not bring myself to wear them.

A white color story

What looks are you bringing into your spring wardrobe?

Peace Love Fashion,



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