The CHIC Fancy How-to Guide to Fashion Week

Tons of us enjoy watching fashion shows via live stream or swooning over pictures on Although this is exciting enough, there is nothing more exciting than actually being there in person. In a flash the lights dim, the crowd silences and the once lonely runway is joined my an army of models adorned in the next seasons must haves! Truly excitement at its best!

It is certainly no easy task to be amongst the privileged clan of guests, but it can totally be done.  As a recent first timer to the epic event I have learned a few ways to get the opportunity to attend. Fashion week is an invite only event so you do have to have an invite to attend and here are a few ways how to try and get one:

1. Intern or Volunteer

As an intern or volunteer your fashion week experience will be quite different. Depending on who you work with you may not get a chance to sit down and actually view the shows. However, you get an equally sweeter experience by being apart of the hands that help to get the show started. As an intern or volunteer you will be asked to do a number of different things, stuff gift bags, set up seat numbers, steam garments, dress models ect. It may be a bit of hard work, but you can potentially be up close and personal with the fabulous pieces, see how the show comes together and gain experience all at the same time. If you would like to work with a range of different designers the best option is to try to get a volunteer position with IMG, the company that makes fashion week happen, you can find the application here. If you are interested in working with specific designers I would suggest focusing on PR firms and brands. The application process involved in this option is a little more strenuous because, you would have to do research to find out which PR companies represent which brands and go from there. Either route you decide to take just remember to start EARLY! There are hundreds if not thousands of other people looking to grab these positions just like you.

2. Press

Attending fashion week as press involves contacting PR firms and requesting press credentials. This option isn’t the easiest because you actually have to be creditable source in order to even be considered. If you are a journalist or blogger that has a pretty popular publication or website this option will work for you. As press you get to attend the shows and sometimes also get access to backstage to conduct interviews before and/or after the presentation of the collections. Not to mention you get a pretty spiffy badge to wear that makes you look super official! :)

3. Guest of a Guest

As in any aspect of life success is mostly about who you know and this is no different during fashion week. You can gain access to a show merely based off of who you know and sometimes who you meet. If you are fortunate enough to know or meet someone who may offer to either invite you to tag along or give your their invite this could work for you. I personally found this option useful during my first time attending fashion week, read more of my experience here. This option is merely for people who have built relationships or is interested in building new relationships. If you want it you have to go out there and get it, but remember to build genuine lasting relationships. No one likes to be used so cherish the people you meet.

If none of these options work for you, you can always become a major celebrity and simply get invites sent to you personally :)

But seriously, I hope that this list helps all of you out there that are interested in attending fashion week. It is a wonderful experience and if you are so fortunate to get the opportunity to attend it will be a week you will never forget! If you have specific questions please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Peace, Love Fashion,



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