New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Farah Angsana

Oohs and aahs were heard throughout the duration of the Farah Angsana show as dramatic gowns and flirty party dresses glided down the runway. The ultra feminine presentation of each piece was apparent with shimmering sequins and bead work, as well as super girly silhouettes.

Each piece is a party girls dream. From cocktail parties to over the top balls, there donned a dress for many occasions. I enjoyed the movement of the dresses and the attitude each one presented. There were a mixture of bright and bold colors, as well as, subtle exotic prints. Although the dresses were at the forefront of the show Angsana did manage to drop a few separates in the mix, that blended quite well with the overall theme of the show.

The ultimate pearl clutching moment was certainly the finale dress, which consisted of a totally sheer fabric topped with glistening purple and feather-esc finishings. It was a show stopper, but I don’t see anyone rocking that dress as is. There will definitely be some adjustments made before we see any young socialites painting the town red in it. Overall I enjoyed the show, not only was it fun to watch, but it was certainly one of the more lively shows I attended. People just couldn’t hold in their excitement!

Check out more from Farah Angsana at

So what do you guys think? Are you feeling the Farah Angsana fall 2012 line?

Peace Love Fashion,



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