New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Nomia

I made a mental list of shows that presented great ready to wear pieces and Nomia certainly made its way on to my list. Yara Flinn, the designer behind the Nomia brand, brings her love for art and fashion together in such a way that I can relate to. She uses a clean structural aesthetic to bring about a clean, sophisticated, chic and edgy point of view to her pieces. The fall 2012 line presents a strong hip woman who has a love for self, determination and all things chic.

I absolutely adore the neutral color palette with peek-a-boo pops of neon pink and muted iridescent fabrics. The no fuss silhouette and fit of the clothing are picture perfect and come together beautifully with the clean lines displayed through the collection. Flinn’s color blocking technique comes together with sporadic layered draping details and cutesy bow finishings. The Nomia collection is truly a down to earth display of the trendy girl who stands out because of her chic simplicity.

I personally knew nothing of the Nomia brand until this season, but I have ultimately become a fan. Yara Flinn’s design aesthetic is very relatable and I rather enjoy that. When a designer displays minimalistic type clothing it can become easily lost in the world of memorable patterns, logos and flashing lights. However, well done and simple pieces can and will live on from season to season and I see Nomia being around for a long time. I can not wait to see next season, Bravo!

Check out past collections at

What do you guys think!? Are you feeling the fall 2012 Nomia line?

Peace Love Fashion,



1 thought on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Nomia

  1. Definitely one of my favorite collections of Fall 12!
    So glad you made it, even though we went in at 2 different times. I miss hanging out with the Fashion Week Fashion bloggers crew!

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