New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Lars Andersson

After a long day at the Lincoln Center I rushed over to view the Lars Andersson presentation. Walking into the Soho Grand hotel I had no idea what to expect. Typically, I like to do a little bit of research and view past collections of designers, unfamiliar to me, before I attend the showings, but with lack of time I did not have that luxury.

The Soho grand had a very luxe, dark feel to it, complementing the presentation quite well. Lars Andersson is a knitwear designer that takes inspiration from his Swedish background, described by him as “very dark, and the furthest thing from fancy”. For his fall 2012 collection, Lars Andersson displays an array of hand crafted knitwear for men and women.

Not going to lie I was a bit taken back by the grim reaper-esc styling and near death eye make-up at first glance, but as I took a closer look, I noticed the craftsmanship in each piece. It’s not easy to sit around and knit up full garments by hand, but Lars Andersson did it so well. I enjoyed the rustic feel of each piece and the way the hem curled at the ends of the garments making them unique in their own way. The draping effect on most of the pieces were interesting as well, as they added a bit of warmth to the over all look of the knitwear. The very rich, dark colors helped to display the idea of the “dark, urban, hippie” design aesthetic of the brand.

Looking past the styling, which isn’t in my particular taste, Lars Andersson presents some very wearable pieces. Comfy, well crafted, plush, hand-made knits, who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in some of these pieces on a cold rainy day? I would! My only critique would be that, I would have loved to see the leather accents he brought into the collection with the addition of the belts, be displayed in some of the knitwear. Maybe as a trim of some sort or contrasting element, such as a pocket, sleeve or hood.

Overall, I enjoyed the Lars Andersson fall 2012 collection and the fact that each piece is handmade makes it even better. I’d take the draped maroon sweater off his hands any day.

Check out past collections at

What do you all think? Are you feeling the Lars Andersson fall 2012 collection?

Peace Love Fashion,



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