New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Fotini

During my time in New York for fashion week I attended a few shows and presentations. A few I received invitations for and others were a mere, “hey whats going on in there” type  of situation. The Fotini presentation was one of those, “hey whats going on in there” situations. I was leaving a show and happen to walk by the studio where most of the presentations take place. I was immediately intrigued as I caught a glimpse of beautifully crafted dresses. So I glided my way in to take a peek, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Inspired by an inherited ancient perfume bottle from the luxurious tomb of an Egyptian Queen, Fotini takes us on a journey through her take on modern Egyptian royalty. Known for her feminine and soft silhouettes, she displays this well in her Fall winter 2012 collection that is complete with dresses, suits and evening wear.

I love the way that each piece gives off a luxurious feel, but the clothing still seems very down to earth. When I look at the type of  woman she is inspired by, I see someone who is confident, strong and glamorous. Although I enjoyed most of the pieces the leather trimmed coat dress seemed a bit disjointed from the overall collection. I understand the purpose of the piece, to show a stronger version of her woman, but the mixing technique of soft and hard fabrics helped to reinforce the idea of the strong modern woman, so the coat was simply not needed.

The styling of the hair gave off a more Russian than Egyptian feel to me and it felt a bit old. I would like to have seen a more sleek look to better complement the gorgeous pieces and give off a more youthful feel.

Overall, I enjoyed the Fotini presentation and I believe that many women will too. This being only her second collection I can see that Fotini is going in the right direction. There is certainly something here for the woman who wants to give off a feminine, strong and glam look.

Check out her website for more fotini-nyc

What do you guys think of the Fotini collection? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace Love Fashion,



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