My Personal Style Journey: High Glitter

Of course you all know yesterday was my 2akhdajyuhjf birthday and since it fell on a Monday I made sure to celebrate the weekend before. Yesterday I spent my time recovering from what was a very fun and interesting night with the girls. Before I stepped out for the night I took a few quick shots of my look.

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that a week or so before my birthday I posted a sneak peek of my alleged birthday dress. I always have an idea of what I’d like to wear weeks in advance and usually stick with it. However, a few days before my festivities I saw a picture of Jessica White looking GORGEOUS in a blue dress with a super sexy high split and at that moment I started rethinking my look all together. So I went on a mad hunt for something inspired by her look. The color wasn’t a must have, I was more interested in the split action! So after a few stores and a bit of thrifting this is what I came up with:

I’m not even going to tell you how much I spent on this dress, because you may fall right out of your seat and envy me forever lol. Let’s just say it was a GREAT buy. Just goes to show what a little imagination and inspiration can take you.

Now, in these pictures my belt is a little higher on my waist than I had actually worn it, but pre-birthday fun happened before my quick snap shots so blame it on the cocktails. The thing I loved most about this dress is or course the split, but the high glitter was absolutely EVERYTHING! I love to shine bright as I celebrate the blessing of another year of life! I finished off the look with pumps (of course) and silver accents, I love the contrast of silver and gold.

Here’s is the look that inspired it all:

So tell me what you think! Do you love it?

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Peace Love Fashion,



13 thoughts on “My Personal Style Journey: High Glitter

  1. We LOVE everything GLITTER TOO! We just launched our official LifeStyle clothing brand wesbite and now we are national!! We only get a limited amount of each piece of clothing item! Which customer’s LOVE because you won’t see 30 of the same girls’ with you trendy look! We have glitter shoes and dresses! Check them out & let us know what you think! OR

  2. That split is ultra Sexy! I loved the glitter! I think I’m gonna go fishing for a high split. It’s a different look. U looked amazing as usual.

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