Chic Fancy Inspirations: It’s In The Details

Things that inspire can come from various different places, a piece of art work, decor, landscape, fashion or even life experiences. This year I wanted to start a new installation on OCFH and provide a variation of things that inspire me. It can sometimes be hard to explain your personal taste or style, and I’ve found that by simply creating a tangible way to display inspiration can be one of the key ways to getting to know who you are. The current slide shows is a few pieces of art I’ve seen browsing away on my free time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These particular works of art caught my eye because of the bold placement of color on seemingly neutral palettes. When you look at each piece it seems as if the bold color is the star of the work, loud, vibrant and undeniable. However, the real star is the intricacy of the neutral palette and/or design that you notice when taking a deeper look into the piece.

Wow! I want to certainly make sure that I pay closer attention to detail, in every aspect of life. It is all about the details at the end of day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace Love Fashion,



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