My Personal Style Journey: Contrast in the Heat

Whoo hoo! This is officially my first outfit post of 2012!:) For the past couple of weeks I have been extremely busy, hints the lack of post. However this weekend I was offered the opportunity to take a few shots. This season I have really been loving the idea of the contrasting sleeve. I could have easily went out and bought a piece that had built-in contrasting sleeves, but I realized that this concept could easily be interpreted with a little bit of layering. We all have the staple winter and summer layering pieces, i.e. long sleeve tees, tank tops etc, and with it being in the midst of the winter season (so I thought o_O) it’s a great time to start putting those pieces to use and start mixing and matching.

Although this is the perfect look to wear on a day that’s not too hot or not too cold, this particular day it happen to be quite hot! Geez, I thought we were in the middle of winter season, but I guess not. I was perspiring up a storm! But I digress lol. I took a slightly textured black long sleeve top and layered it with two of my favorite summer tanks. The pink top that finishes the look is made of 100% silk, and just a disclaimer, it is hard to try to iron silk without destroying it so I left is as is. I kind of like the unfinished touch it adds to the look, very easy and relaxed and that is exactly how I felt.

What I’m Wearing:

Long sleeve top: Express

Mustard top: Thrifted

Pink top: Thrifted

Boyfriend Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch

Shoes: Nine West

Sunglasses: Andrea Jovine

Thanks for stopping by guys! Have a great week!:)

Peace Love Fashion,



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