Let Me, Help You: Weekend Look

Wowzers! I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! Thank you to one of my readers for sending in a question so that I can get these types of posts going again! With out further adieu here’s the question:

“Hey so im trying to put together an outfit for this weekend. I’ve been pretty good about color blocking, mixing and matching. I thrifted a forest green blazer and I’m trying to see if a pair of navy blue trousers with a nude top will suffice. Thoughts?”

The weekend is our time to let loose and unwind from the work week, so for your weekend looks you should always aim for them to be fun and upbeat. I think that that particular color combination is great and quite fall chic in my opinion. Green and blue are analogous colors so pairing those deeper hues will create a harmonizing look.  Adding the neutral top will also help bring the look together as well. All you need now is to add a finishing touch and below I have provided you with different options that can help complete your weekend look.

green and blue combos

 Look #1: Keep the palette neutral with pops of texture and print. All of these elements work well together because they all have a common neutral color the ties each one to their counterparts.

Look #2: Add some edge and a burst of color. When paired strategically snake-skin and sequins can go great together. This particular pairing works well because, again they have a neutral color that pulls them together. The burst of orange adds a bright dimension of color and helps add an extra bit of fun to your bold look.  

You can choose to go with either of these looks or you can simply wear your outfit as is and rock it out using the minimalistic approach. I’m sure which ever you choose you will look great! I hope this helps! Cheers to the freakin WEEKEND! 🙂

Liked the advice? If you would like to have your style questions answered please contact me via email at ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com, Facebook, or shoot me a DM on Twitter, I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace Love Fashion,



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