And I Love It!: I’m Feeling Snoody

Winter is approaching, we all know it and some of us can certainly feel it! With winter comes the opportunity to really be creative and layer our lives away to create warm, chic looks for everyday. One of the most popular layering pieces for winter weather is the ever so versatile scarf. Scarves can add a pop of personality to any look and it keeps your neck warm all at the same time!:)

Buuut lets just be honest, they can be really hard to style. I am always trying to find new and innovative ways to wrap them around my neck without one side sliding down messing up my perfectly styled look. Well some time ago I found the perfect solution! A SNOOD!

What is a snood you ask? Well it is basically a circular scarf that makes creating the perfectly wrapped scarf look a no brainer! I LOVE them! They come in all types of prints and textures and they are super chic! Here are few of my favorites that I found and where you can get them! 🙂Winter Snoods

These may be a splurge for some, but no worries! You can find snoods for a great deal at various locations such as Target,  and of course one of my go to places, Ebay.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about these snoods! Go get you some!

Peace Love Fashion,



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