Looking for Fashion Magazines to Subscribe to? Here are my FAVS!

Everyone gets those random magazine subscription notices from all types of sources, email, personal mail even little reminders falling out of the magazine pages as you flip through them in the grocery line. However you find them it is always hard to decide on which is the best to actually purchase a subscription for. I too had this problem so over time I researched, purchased a few and reviewed the content. Here is a list of my favorites and the fashion magazines I personally subscribe to and why (please keep in mind these are in no particular order):

1. Vogue

They are the definition of all things glamorous. They are most likely the most recognized fashion magazine in the world. Vogue is the magazine
that sets trends, they ARE the trends. Vogue is an obvious must have when it comes to fashion magazine subscriptions. You will find all of the best ad campaigns from all of the top designers and retailers. It is an inspiration to own simply based off of their history alone.

2. W

When I see this magazine in the mail I have my “Ahhhhh” moment. It is a great magazine to use for inspiration, it presents fashion as
an art form versus just a way to look put together. It is double the size of most magazines and I really love that because you can really get an
appreciation for the images and ads presented. Remember that this fashion magazine provides more of an artistic approach to fashion, so for the people that just want to get help. In W is where you will find very elaborate and eccentric representations of fashion. Oh and if you are freaked out about nudity beware of this magazine, you will see a flash of a boob here and a peak of a butt cheek there (lol).

3. InStyle

InStyle is a great fashion magazine for those that are looking for styling and fashion help. They do a great job with not only informing readers
about trends, but also showing how to recreate the trends. It is a fashion magazine in laymen’s terms. So if you feel like you aren’t as fashion savvy and simply looking at a Gucci ad isn’t really going to cut it for you in the inspiration department, InStyle is the perfect magazine for you.

4. Elle

The reason why I love Elle is because they present their editorial shoots in a way that makes the reader just get it. The editorial layouts are
usually toward the end of the magazine and they are basically a fashion story told through the clothes and locations that are presented. Elle has a unique way of giving you a background of the editorial story before you see the pictures. In my case I love looking at the way the models have been styled in attire that sometimes can only make sense in an editorial shoot. But for people who aren’t as in to fashion as I am the prelude story gives you a heads up to the dramatic representation of the latest fashions that are about to come your way.

5. Harper’s Bazaar

Similar to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar is for the very luxurious fashion mind. They too feature most of the popular designers and retailers. Glossy ads and well laid out editorial shoots. It’s a great addition to your collection of fashion magazines.

In my eyes you can NEVER have too many fashion magazines. Sure you can purchase them on your nook book, but there is nothing like having something to look forward to in the mail besides monthly bills. Use the pictures in the magazines for inspiration for your personal style, tear out the pages that speak to you and create a personal mood board. They are a great way to really get an idea of what influences your personal style. If you decide to purchase a subscription do your research first. You can save money by purchasing various mags in bundles 🙂

Peace Love Fashion,



3 thoughts on “Looking for Fashion Magazines to Subscribe to? Here are my FAVS!

  1. I am a fan of fashion magazines. I grew up reading all of them in highschool but after years and years of magazines piling up in my room – I realized how much paper we use to print these glossy papers. Also the huge environmental impacts a fashion magazine has in the world. It’s just another aspect of materialism we have to accept about the fashion industry!


    • Very true! People can be very wasteful, but I think for those who truly appreciate the art form that is fashion, having a hard copy is a must. Just make sure you recycle when you feel you need to get rid of them!:)

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