My Personal Style Journey: Polka Dotted Train Tracks

Good Saturday evening all! I have been slacking with up dating my blog with new content for you all, but once again I will provide the disclaimer that I have been extra busy. I’ve been granted the opportunity to style models for a photography company and it is taking up quite a bit of time. However, I have realized that the photo shoots have posed a great way for me to take personal style pictures at the cool locations. Today we shot at a train station and it came out great!

I am not usually in to the 60’s style vibe, but I noticed that my look is very 60’s -esc. From the bow tied top to the platform boots, I was definitely channeling The Beatles this morning! If you notice I have incorporated a few of the fall trends in this one look, the polka dot trend, the colored pants trend and the lace-up booties trend. Usually I wouldn’t suggest trying to mix tons of trends together but it worked for me today.

What I am Wearing:

Top: Thrifted

Pants: Forever 21

Booties:  Go Jane

I added a few fun pictures from today to lighten up the mood a bit. Sometimes I feel that some style blogs tend to be kind of serious sometimes and I just wanted to give you guys some insight into my personality!

Thank you for stopping by!:)

Peace Love Fashion,



8 thoughts on “My Personal Style Journey: Polka Dotted Train Tracks

  1. Great outfit! I love the fun photos too, great idea! Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see more of these style journeys! 🙂

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