CHICFancy Obsessions: Mara Hruby

Do you guys follow me on twitter? If you don’t, you should because I tweet lots of random information about my blog that is sort of like a sneak peek into new posts I’m conjuring up. Ok enough with the shameless plug hehe. Yesterday I tweeted about this amazing singer that I happen to come across yesterday evening. Just let me say that I am officially obsessed with her now!

I happen to be blog stalking the amazing gentlemen of Street Etiquette yesterday as I was looking for inspiration for an upcoming photo shoot I have with a male client. As I was browsing through I came across one of their older posts entitled Sartorial Sounds Performance Live! (6/18/11)/ , I was intrigued so I started clicking on the videos to hear the music and I was blown away. All of the individuals scheduled to perform at that event were amazing, but Mara Hruby stood out the most to me. There is a passion in her voice that is undeniable and captivating and she has a very polished sense of style to go with it. So for the past couple hours between last night and this morning I have been replaying the songs on her youtube page and browsing the internet to learn more about her.

I’m no music enthusiast but I know the type of music that is a reflection of me and my all round style and personality, and Mara captures everything that I love in her sound. I believe her to be in the ranks vocally as some of my music favorites such as John Legend, Sade, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Maxwell and a few others. Her poised elegant voice is a reflection of who she is. Her personal style mimics her vocals and it’s like a match made in music and style heaven. Take a look:

The 1950’s influence on her style is evident and I love how she adds her own twist with the choice of organic and tribal inspired accessories. Her style is a perfect example of how you can take two totally different styles and merge them into one polished look. She is a rising star that I’m sure will one day be a personal style favorite. I can’t wait to hear more from her! Listen to some of her music here P.S. her cover of “Take off your cool” by Andre 3000……. AMAZE! Go check her out now!!

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5 thoughts on “CHICFancy Obsessions: Mara Hruby

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