And I Love It!: The Minimalist Chic Takeover

I have always been drawn to very clean, structured, precise lines, shapes and colors. As I continue to grow and learn more about myself I’ve realized that this particular preference has been  a hidden obsession of mine and it translates through every inch of me. And when I mean every inch of me I truly mean EVERY inch of me. From my favorite type of music down to the way I prefer to wear my hair. So naturally, the Minimalist trend brings joy to my heart.

The Minimalist trend has been lurking around for a while now but I think that people are finally starting to embrace it and yes I’m obsessed! I love it! It embodies my hidden obsession of clean, structured, precise lines, shapes and colors. I secretly think that it is the future of style and clothing all together. With the continuing down turn of the economy it is only a matter of time before we all will have to cut back on tons of things and simplify our lives (if we haven’t already). And that is the key to the minimalist trend, wearing clean, simple, effortless pieces. Below is a little montage of inspiration images for this simply chic trend.

This trend is great because it doesn’t eliminate color or pattern, it merely simplifies it. What do you all think? Is this a look that you can see being the future of fashion and style? Let me know what you think?

Peace Love Fashion,



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