And I Love It!: The Trendy Trend that’s Not So Trendy

Trends can get rather extreme at times, but what makes me the happiest is when the current trends really aren’t “trends”. What I mean is that some trends for the season can merely be a closet staple that has come out for a little time in the lime light. We tend to get so overwhelmed with the newest fashions that we don’t realize that whats currently “in style” is just a reminder of what we’ve been accustomed to all along.  And the trendy trend that’s not so trendy this season:

The Trench Coat

The trench coat has been around for ages. Depending on which you believe to be true, the trench was either developed in the 1850’s by  Aquascutum , in 1901 by Thomas Burberry or between 1914- 1918 by Thresher & Glenny. The point is, it’s been around for a long time:) Needless to say it has recently emerged as one of the most fashionable items to have this season. To some it may be the new hot item, but for others it is simply a staple that is tucked away in their closets for times such as these.

If you don’t currently own a trench coat but you are looking for the perfect one, remember that the classic styles are the gems. Stay away from the trendy embellishments that some places may try an offer you and look for one that can take you from season to season flawlessly, such as the one in the picture above.

Peace Love Fashion,



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