My Style Tips: Put the Lime in the Coconut and Mix it all Up!

Designers, stylist and bloggers alike have really been playing with pattern and texture to take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. I would consider this technique to be useful for some of the more skilled stylistas, because it can be a bit tricky to pull off such a look, but anyone with confidence can achieve it.

Style Tip #5 Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns have become a great way to show diversity in personal style. It can be kind of scary to do but when executed correctly the result can really show off your style in a more technical way. When you are going to take the leap to create this particular look I would suggest keeping a few things in mind about your pattern choices:

1. Keep it simple!

You should mix no more than 3 patterns in one look.

2. Choose a common color

When selecting pattern choices make sure that they all have at least one color in common.

3. Look for totally different patterns

You don’t won’t the patterns to be similar to each other because they will start to compete for attention and that’s not what you want. The meaning of the look is to create contrast. Mix a large-scale print with a smaller scale print to create a chic look.

Mixing patterns are a great way to have fun with fashion and style, I want you guys to go out there, be confident and have fun! Here are a few looks that I created and would definitely rock! I hope that they give you a better idea of how to make mixing patterns come together for your personal style.

Mixed Prints


Peace Love Fashion

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