When D.I.Y didn’t go Wrong, but didn’t go Right!

Yes, I love all things fashion and style and when it comes to me having to recreate or redesign items to fit my style and budget I admit that I’m not perfect lol! So, yesterday I showed you guys these awesome pair of gap corduroy pants that I found at Goodwill and I told you that I was going to dye them the color that I wanted them to be. Well, I did and lets just say it didn’t go wrong it just didn’t go right! LOL! Here is the process I used to dye my pants the fab orange color I wanted to achieve.

The Item to be dyed, washed to allow for an easy color application

Items Needed:

  • Rit Fabric Dye Color: Tangerine
  • Gloves
  • Salt
  • Detergent

Pre-dissolve the dye in 2 cups of hot water.

Fill the sink with hot water and add 1 cup of salt.

(Here is where you would also add 1 tbsp of detergent, I forgot to so I added it later, OOPS! 🙂 )

Next, add the pre-dissolved dye into the hot water, salt and detergent bath and mix well.  

Once your color bath is ready, add in your garment.

Submerge the garment completely into the dye continuing to move the garment around with your hands to apply color evenly.

Continue to move the garment around with your hands to make sure that color is applying evenly. Continue to work the garment for 15 to 30 minutes or until you achieve your desired color.

Once you’ve got the color you want to rinse the garment first with warm water and gradually reduce the temperature to cold water.  Continue to rinse until the water runs clear.

And Whala! You’ve got a beautifully colored garment:) Now you must wash the item in warm water to set the color (wash alone to avoid the dye spreading to other clothes.)

Here is another close up to see the great color I got on these corduroy pants!:)

I was sooooo happy with the color I achieved on these pants! But sadly after the wash cycle I ended up with these:

Not at all the color I saw pre-wash. This was my first time dyeing fabric so a mistake was to be expected but the highlighter color I got did not make me happy, so I’m back at square one. The one good thing is that I achieved a great all around color with no streak marks so I’m proud of that. I’m going to attempt to dye them again to get a darker, richer color and show you guys how they turn out.

Moral of the story is we are all human and some things call for trial and error. I’m a crafty fashionista but I do make mistakes here and there. Have you had any DIY projects that didn’t go wrong, but didn’t go right? If so I would love to hear and see your stories! Please send them to ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com and I will feature them on my blog!:)

Peace Love Fashion


5 thoughts on “When D.I.Y didn’t go Wrong, but didn’t go Right!

  1. Thanks bianca! You guys are making me feel a lot better about the color, maybe I didn’t see the beauty in them because I was hoping for a different color. hmmmm maybe I’ll keep them this way

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