CHICFancy Obsessions Fufilled: Corduroy

Hey guys! About a week or two ago I told you guys that I was obsessing over corduroy pants and I wanted to have them added to my wardrobe.
Most of the ones I found online or in stores cost a pretty penny so I went on a thrifting trip to see if I could find a nice pair. Loe and behold I found the
perfect pair, and here they are!

For a whopping $4.49 I got a pair of white corduroy pants made by the Gap that were just perfect for me, but the only down side was the color. If you all remember I was actually on the hunt for a colored pair, preferably orange but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Awesomely enough white is the next best thing because I can easily achieve the color I want with some fabric dye. So stay tuned to see my new pair of orange corduroy that will hopefully look like these! 🙂

J. Crew $79.95

Peace Love Fashion


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